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Title: fresh seeds
Post by: roach on September 15, 2013, 11:56:48 PM
I just got a shipment of fresh Iboga seeds and will post a full grow log within 2-3 weeks. Just gotta buy a few supplies to get it going.
Title: Re: fresh seeds
Post by: drosphilia on September 22, 2013, 11:54:21 PM
Nice... I also just got a pack of seeds. If I have any luck I'll try to create a grow journal on another thread...

So far I've had problems with the first 4 seeds I tried to germinate. I had a fungal infection so I tried a Hydrogen Peroxide soak. The fungi were white hairs that kept growing into the soil and attacking the seeds. So I just left them in that medium and set them aside.

So I just did 4 more using a Concentrated Sulfuric Acid dip to promote improved hygiene and germination.. But I'll do another batch with just Scarification to promote germination..

I was looking at your other grow journal post and realized you didn't have any trouble. I'm not sure why I had problems on my first round of seeds. But I'll try again with a few alternatives to determine if there is another good method. I think you were using Coco Coir in your other journal so I might get some and try a batch to see if I get better Germination and Root Development.

Thanks for posting your journals.