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Eboka Talk / Re: Iboga and therapy
« on: June 29, 2018, 11:40:27 PM »
I did the ceremony in a group with a trained provider. IMO that is the only way to go. Iboga takes you places and you have to have someone who knows where to guide you. Otherwise, you may not get the full benefit or could possibly do more harm than good (speculation).

Eboka Talk / Re: Iboga and therapy
« on: June 29, 2018, 01:45:36 AM »
Hey Bluetiger!

Thanks for your response! I agree on going with my gut (of course that is always the way to go). About a month after the flood dose, I realized therapy was just a vital need for me. Id never spoken to anyone about my problems (crazy i know) so Iboga showed me that how this was a basic human need. So I think i need some therapy in this way, just an outlet to express my human emotions.. not necessarily a way to "solve a problem".

You are so right when you say heart health, that is exactly what it comes down to in my sessions! Ive been working on speaking from my heart in a safe environment, which helps me do so more in everyday life. In this way I think therapy is great. A funny observation is that I find myself wanting my therapist to contribute her thoughts and feelings. Iboga showed me the importance of community and sharing and i think this means a two way conversation when it comes to feelings. It feels slightly strange me just pouring my feelings on to her.

Thanks for the inspiring words! You are right, if we feel something isn't serving us anymore, its time to move on!

Eboka Talk / Iboga and therapy
« on: June 09, 2018, 04:28:56 PM »
Hey everyone,

I'm happy to have found this site where people can share their experiences with Iboga. It is a truly amazing plant that seems relatively unknown, in comparison to other plant medicines. I think this is due to the difficulty of the experience that puts people off, as well as the difficulty in describing the experience afterwards.

Anyway, I took part in an iboga ceremony 3 months ago and I'm integrating the experience. These months have been hard but theyve led me to a lot of changes i needed to make in my life. Its like I'm constantly discovering new blockages in my psyche and learning to grow through them. I'm very guided by the truth that I now know.

One of the things I realized is my need for therapy. I have always bottled up emotions and "dealt with things" in silence. I really isolated myself from other. During my iboga experience I was shown the need for community and sharing, something I think is central to a lot of african cultures. And also something we have largely lost touch with in the West, where individualism is prized over community. I realize now I need others, and they need me. We as humans require intimate and honest connection.

To the point of my post. I have started therapy because there are things i just need to get off my chest. I can't keep them inside anymore. What is your experience with counseling? Did you find therapy hindered your experience with Iboga at all, as in creating more problems by talking rather than letting go of the "problem"? How did you find therapy works with Iboga? Necessary? Unnecessary? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading and again, I'm happy to be a part of this  online community :)

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