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It sounds like it did have an effect on you, but just very little because you vomited early. Good luck with your next try!
thank you! Nextr try I want to use the HCL because I think that I vomit because of some alkaloids,

Do one vomit often after taking just the HCL or is it defnitly less?
Can someone answer the last question maybe?
General Discussion / Re: Supplier- anyone used them before?
« Last post by searcher on August 31, 2018, 09:48:24 PM »
Never heard about them. Ask google for experience or stay at IW. I love them and made always good expereinces : )
General Discussion / Re: Do I really need a flood dose for a 'reset'?
« Last post by searcher on August 31, 2018, 09:47:38 PM »
You have to go to a flood dose for a reset! You will annoye yourself and regret afterwards by took too less because the trip is very hard imho.
General Discussion / Re: Iboga and Cocaine/Crack addiction- Help needed
« Last post by searcher on August 31, 2018, 09:46:03 PM »
Thank you both. How much root bark do you need for a flood dose?
Depends on weight. Mostly at least 20g root bark.

How was it for your husband?
No no that must be wrong. You can calculate your dosage for yourself. Iboga root bark has mostly 5% Ibogain and you need round about 20mg Ibogain per kg of body weight. So at least 20g root bark are the sammlest dosage for most light people IIRC. But let me do a short research for you:

Calculation example for the correct dosage

Below is a calculation example for the dosage of the different iboga forms. Our case study assumes a person X weighing 75 kilograms who is aiming for a dose of 15mg/kg* (a total of 1125mg of the active ingredient ibogain). The above average values form the basis of calculation. The conversion to your own weight is very easy and can be done without any effort.

  -   Root: If we calculate with a 1.2 % ibogaine content, X should consume 93 grams of iboga root!
  -  Root bark: If we assume an active ingredient content of 5% (the standard), this would be a dose of 22.5 grams of Iboga root bark for X.
 -   Total alkaloid extract: With a 50 % active ingredient content (standard), the dose for X is 2.25 grams TA extract.
  -  HCL: At complete purity (almost 100%), this would logically be 1.125 grams of HCL.
   -> please note: the 15mg/kg mentioned here correspond to a rather low dose for optimal effect. For safety reasons, it is better to calculate with 20mg/kg!
    See also the table above in the section "Buying Iboga"

taken from: source

Good luck!!
General Discussion / Re: Anyone tried using homeopathic dosages of iboga?
« Last post by searcher on August 31, 2018, 09:36:59 PM »
Here a user have had experience with that but no real effect:
Introductions / Re: Iboga for 90G Kratom addiction.
« Last post by searcher on August 31, 2018, 09:36:16 PM »
Putting it into capsules is basic knwodledge! Maybe next time only with HCL?
General Discussion / Re: ta vs hcl?
« Last post by searcher on August 31, 2018, 09:34:28 PM »
Each clinic uses HCL because its safer.
General Discussion / Re: Ibogaine nausea solution
« Last post by searcher on August 31, 2018, 09:32:08 PM »
One famous vendor told me for that to take 1 or 2 anti nausea pills 1 hour before the trip starts.
General Discussion / Re: No effect
« Last post by searcher on August 31, 2018, 09:31:18 PM »
Never heard that md is helping. Have you a good link for that claim?

Why no full fload dosage ?
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