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Iboga root bark water extraction


Hi to all!

Could anyone tell me, is it possible to brew the iboga root bark in water (maybe for 15-30 minutes) ,when filter it with coffee filters, to avoid the consumption of the hard particles?
Some sort of tea recepie. Maybe it should be done with lemon acid(as with shrooms) or should be done much longer time? Could the alcoloids degradate due to the high temperature (100*C)?

Anyone done this before with good result?

Maybe this could help also to avoid the headaches and bad physical states which occurs due to the consumption of the root bark?

You can make a tea out of it with a slow light boil.
The Bwiti Misoko group I know does this.
They do not filter it though. You need the whole tea with granules and all.
It kicks in a whole lot quicker, but the taste is not much better then just chewing on some bark.


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