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Ibogaine from cheaper Voacanga Africana Production Guide


Chris Jenks supplied a better more low-tech guide to produce Ibogaine from the readily available Voacanga Africana. This helps with sustainability of iboga plant, and can provide a much cheaper means to produce ibogaine.


I talked to GITA, and they told me that there are providers of Ibogaine HCL derived from Voacanga Africana out there. But they deal with larger quantities for clinics, rather than individual users.
I presume that the cost is going to be lower than Ibogaine HCL derived from iboga bark, but not sure how much cheaper. Will find out soon.

It's a topic worth to investigate

Why in this extraction they try to rid of vocangine? Brief googling showed that voacangine have anti-addiction properties too, as inogaine.

Then, is there info about % of ibogaine in voacanga?


I have heard that it is not as inexpensive as I thought, like not cheaper than HCL from Iboga bark and there are wholesale suppliers.
Was not aware of anti-addiction properties of voacanga, and I see there are. Very Interesting. It seems that at the same level of grams of raw bark, iboga is 'stronger'.
Do not see any experience reports using extracted voacangine either, that would also be interesting.

Mushrooms I have recently heard can be great as well, at least for alcohol.

Brief reading of erowid vault of voacangine shows that it is garbage, with bad effect on overall level.

It will create unnecessary effects mixed with ibogain, broking original iboga-healing-direction.


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