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Define 'clean'.

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For me, 'clean' means I have no compulsion to take something to escape the way I feel, I have no chemicals disrupting my equilibrium by their absence.

By this definition, I am not clean because I take tobacco and caffeine to change my feelings.

There must be a better definition.

We are made of getting around it. Homeostasis is like the journey that never ends. There will almost always be some chemical imbalance, no matter what we do.

By your definition of clean, I think nobody is. Not even the weird vegan tribe (no offense raw food people) or hardcore AA/NA people with their chocolate and cigarettes (mmmm!)

A better definition of clean? For me, and for what I meant on this board - I think it has to do with one's primary drug of choice know, that thing which was considerately killing you?

The hard physically addictive stuff. The mean and the nasty, the killers.

None of us gets out of life alive, it is to live while we are in the best shape we can, right?

So I do not put 'too much' analysis into how many Cokes I drink in a day (although a dear friend of mine likes to remind me occasionally, but I think it's because she's been misled by Pepsi)

Clean - like sober - is a relative term...I don't push it on myself for once in a while letting my hair down and having some fun (yes this can include chemical euphoria) or think I am not 'clean' because of tobacco.

Hell the emissions from automobiles in the city you can't even detox from those!

So for me 'clean' means living in a different way, walking on the journey to more spiritual cleanliness - spitting out that four pronged hook that almost killed me and wrecked (or more accurately - made ME wreck) so many drug of choice which was heroin.

If I smoke weed regularly and never stick a needle in my arm again, I'm clean dude... 8)

Good topic, thanks!

if we do not eat regular foods, we won't be feeling clean.

we should find and make the balance I think

For me being clean is about me making my choices in life rather than feeling like im a puppet to past events.
I think its diff for everybody. (Great question tho)
Theres no way imo anyone can live on this aggressive planet without a coping addiction of some kind.

Clean ....
it doesnt always have to be about drug/chemical vices and addictions .
it can refer to thoughts (feelings and emotions) and ways of thinking ( actions and behaviours based in this ).
it doesnt always need to be something that need that goes in .
it can be things that are in already and need to go out .
Clean is a realitive term depending on whom it is an what they need to have cleaned up .

ps. i do know that thinking and thought releases chemicals in the brain so in a way it always does have to with chemicals .
there are all different kinds of poison one might try to be clean of .

do listen :


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