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I had an interesting experience these past few days, and it led me on the path of contemplating the notion of "cleanness" again, at least in relation to my own life experience.

It started when I decided to fast again, for perhaps the 3rd time in my life, but going into the experience I did not have a clearly laid-out goal - only the idea that I didn't want to get wrinkly because of smoking cigarettes, which formed a very loose and unfocused goal in my mind.

During the 2 and a half days that I fasted, I was very bored, so I passed the time in the usual ways for myself - by watching television, playing video games, and browsing on the Internet. But during this time, especially while playing video games, I observed many moments of tension in my body that I had to consciously let go of, over and over again. But I thought nothing of it at the time, because I still only thought of becoming "clean" in relation to physical addictions, ie. in relation to smoking pleasure and junk food pleasure.

During the middle of the 3rd day, I ended the fast because of temptation to eat, and made myself too full. Then later I said with uncertainty, "Well, I stopped smoking, so that is a minor success, at least." But later that evening, a realisation came to me that I was not thinking logically. It occurred to me that smoking was not killing me to the devastating extent I had presumed originally - useless activities such as watching television and playing video games mindlessly for hours, day in and day out, were.

What this experience taught me is that becoming "clean", while perhaps having a clear definition that a wise teacher could provide, probably involves letting go of somewhat unique things based on everybody's unique personality. I don't know what this means in relation to the entire value of being clean, but it seems to me like a part of the whole.

[This post was edited, but not significantly, to take out some potentially erroneous things.]

I like seeing that this post is still getting read.
I think clean may have a bit to do with being able to have the freedom not only to see the choices to be made, but to be able to make them without suffering. From substances used, to thought patterns, to energetic communication.


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