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Define 'clean'.

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That's just plain... :o

Shit, I don't know what that is.

WOW !!!

smoking weed every day.....

is far away from being clean...

it is better then needle and alcohol...

but not clean.... it is still sucking Mom's milk

Iboga Panacea:
Clean is doing Mama Kambo Mama and vomiting over 100 times every color of the rainbow from virtually every orphus of every organ.  I feel so freaking clean it is almost unbearable.  But I also feel like I need a 1 month checkup until I can become a raw foodist again.  That being said being a raw foodist for over 6 months in my experience brings about an entheogenic vibe flow that is amazing.  Soon with the help of Kambo I hope to really launch myself into the advent of more than the 5 senses on a daily basis.  I am tired of coming back from the Spirit/Dream land, I know I can stay there for good with the proper dieta.  Haha a raw dieta for life.  I think I am just afraid of flying.  I'll make a commitment soon and eat almost all sprouts.

Clean is Kambo+Aya+Kambo+Raw Food+Iboga Floods+Vaping Changa+Iboga Microdosing+Nchanga+Kambo+Kambo+Kambo+Living in the Country+A happy job+good relationships+love for family+KAMBO+KAMBO+KAMBO+


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