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Here is a comprehensive list of iboga and ibogaine related links. This will be constantly updated and refined. I am locking this thread so moderators please don't post in it. If anyone has any links to add please respond to this thread:


General Information

* Tabernanthe Iboga - Wikipedia entry for the Tabernanthe iboga plant.
* Ibogaine - Wikipedia entry for Ibogaine.
* Howard Lotsof - The Ibogaine Dossier: Vast wealth of information.
* MAPS - The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies section on ibogaine.
* Erowid - Erowid's iboga section.
* Dr. Deborah Mash - Ibogaine site driven by science.
* Ibogaine UK -
* Drugs Forum - Ibogaine FAQ
* Answers.Com - Ibogaine FAQ
* Cures not Wars - Dana Beal's site. Features "The Ibogaine Story" online.
Groups & Communities

* Iboga Tribe - Tribe.Net community dedicated to iboga.
* Ibogaine.Org - Iboga mailing list.
* Facebook - Techiyas HaMayseem Group
* Facebook - Legalize Ibogaine Group
Healing & Support

* I Begin Again - Eric Taub's fascilitation and healing center.
* Techiyas HaMayseem - Personal iboga sessions for a range of ailments.
* Iboga House - Bwiti Temples Shamanic Services
* Pangea Biomedics -
* Iboga Therapy House - Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to exploring and facilitating the therapeutic use of ibogaine.
* Dr. Deborah Mash - Healing Transitions
* Sacrament -
* Iboga UK -
* Ibogaine Therapy UK -
* Iboga -
* Iboga Experience -
* Awakening in the Dream -
* Advanced health Transitions -
* Ebando - Non-Governmental Organisation which aims to give broader access to the fundamental tangible and intangible cultural heritage found in various regions of Central Africa (including forest habitats, savannas, rivers, lakes and lagoons).
* Iboga Life -
* Toronto Ibogaine Center -
Photos, Music & Videos

* Youtube - Huge collection of bwiti music.
* Youtube - Initiatory Music, women's Bwiti initiation pt 1
* Youtube - Initiatory Music, women's Bwiti initiation pt 2
* Youtube - Bwiti Harp music. Iboga ceremony, Gabon
* Youtube - Mougongo, Moungongo, M'Congo, Music from Gabon 1
* Youtube - Photos and sounds from the bwiti.
* Ibogaine Visions - Great collection of documentaries.
* Equatorial Microcosm - Fang Bwiti Music from Gabon Republic, Africa, with Mbiri Selections.
* Music Therapy World -
* Facing the Habit - Website from 2007 documentary on ibogaine.
* Photos - Photos of the bwiti.
* Photos - More photos of the bwiti.
Vendors - *** ( None of these will ship to the US or anywhere else that iboga is scheduled ! )

* Iboga World - Iboga World specializes in and is committedd to supplying high quality tabernanthe iboga  products. Our farm is harvested under the supervision of local tribes to ensure that the Iboga products produced are only the best in quality.
* Reset - Reset is a segment of Maya Ethnobotanicals, established in 2000 and becoming one of the most respectable ethnobotanical vendors on the worldwide web. We are an enthusiastic team of beautiful people, with a decade of experience in sourcing, researching and providing the rarest and most prominent ethnobotanical plants from our Earth`s flora.
* Herbalistics - Australian iboga seed and plant supplier.
* Cerberus Extract - Canadian provider of top quality ethnobotanicals from all corners of the world, including Tabernanthe iboga.


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