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Here a few links dug up on V.africana -



Some extraction info :


Any more input here would be much appreciated. Does anyone have experience with this material?

I know a number of other plants containing iboga alkaloids exist (star anise,etc) but in much smaller quantities and presumably containing unwanted nasties. It would be nice to explore some options with other materials, are there any practical and safe methods for doing an effective extract on some of the more obscure varieties containing alkaloids?

Anise or Jasmine? 

I've heard Cal......but the difficulty in extraction is very high, from what I understand.

Eon T McKnight:
Since I have no T. iboga with which to experiment, I am planning on making a mixed alkaloid extract of Voacanga africana root bark.  There are some questions I am hoping can be answered by the collective experience of this Forum.  Since the major alkaloid, voacangine, is very similar to ibogaine, it is likely that the results obtained will be similar to those of T. iboga.

1)  Does anyone have any experience or information re:  the fumarate salt of voacangine (or ibogaine)?  I am planning on extracting the Voacanga alkaloids with acetone and precipitating the fumarate salts by adding a solution of fumaric acid dissolved in acetone.  This method has been used with success with DMT, and I am hoping that it works as well with voacangine/ibogaine.

2)  Has anyone used either voacangine fumarate or ibogaine fumarate?  If so, were the subjective effects (pharmacodynamics) similar to other salts (e.g. hydrochloride or acetate) or the freebase?

3)  I have yet to find any information on the use of a V. africana root bark extract on the web, most experiences reported are for the seeds.  Any information will be appreciated.

After making the effort to obtain a V. africana extract, I am considering a bioassay.  Since it will be helpful in documenting the procedure and effects if I survive the experiment  ;) , I will start out with a low dose.  (The LD50 (i.v.) in mice is 54 mg/kg, somewhat higher than ibogaine at 42 mg/kg.)

4)  What would constitute a threshold dose of voacangine?

5)  Since I do not expect an answer to the above question, what is a threshold dose of ibogaine HCl?

If the extraction procedure is effective, it has several benefits:  Quick, simple, no extremely toxic chems, relatively safe (acetone is flammable, but no heat will be used), and the result should be very pure.  The only downside is that fumaric acid is not widely available, though it can be purchased for low cost over the web.

I will be cross-posting this to the mindvox list in hopes that its wider audience contains someone with answers to my questions.  If this experiment works, I will be expecting donations of T. iboga root bark with which to continue this vital, groundbreaking research (har har yeah yeah I know:  in my dreams.   :D ).

BTW Igor says "Hi"  --  I might just let him be the first to experience voacangine fumarate (if he begs sincerely and long enough).

Yer Pal, Eon

Well...that's really jumping in with both feet my friend. I don't know what to make of it quite yet, but I have always been leery of V.africana - this is probably due mainly to ignorance of how best to draw the useful alks out and have something to safely consume...wanted to respond to this post even though I have no answers for you yet. You've given me much to think about, be careful dude, please, and keep us up to date!


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