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heroin / opiate cravings .....

did your cravings ever FULLY go away ?

permanently ?

for how long ?

after how many floods, boosters, etc ?

roy d:


In a way the rest of your life but not as strong.  I had been using for 10 years or so and moved to Houston and wanted it all the eight years I was there.  Then, again and again, same thing, different state.  Then in March of 2010 I did my fourth Ibo treatment and that helped.  I went a whole year using only $10 per month.  Then started with NA and have been clean for the last 8 months.  First time I have been able to do that since I was a kid and living where I could get it.  After 40 plus years of using I find it helps to change your buds and never go in to a bar for even if you do not have a drinking problem it can lower your inhibitions and you go cop.  You also got to change your way of thinking.  Sorta like pick the person that you want to be like and start acting that way.  And I'm not gonna tell ya about don't take the first drink, puff, shot, hit, etc. etc. for you know that.



i suppose i am in the extreme minority here...also i noticed you mentioned heroin,dont know if you were talking opiates in general...

my last dance was with methadone.

i was treated in 05,with hcl.

one go was all it took for me...i honestly cannot recall having the desire to use opiates to get high since then.

i have had to take vicodin twice in that time,once when hospitalized,the other for a tooth...
i did not like the way it made me feel...i felt grimy and dirty was gross.

i attribute a lot of my success to working on my sickness with ayahuasca for a couple years before i ever had ibogaine.

it really,really helped i do believe.

by the time it was time to take the medicine i was so ready to put that life behind me...i swear the medicine was working on me before i took it...

full speed ahead,no looking back....

this april was seven years for me.

roy d:

Hi Ach,

It's so nice to hear a story like that, I believe every word.  Now, if you told a DR that he would most likely not believe it, he is conditioned that way.  Some people need 4 or 5 times before they get it and others get it the first time.  Man I wish I got it the first time.  Seven years is a long time, you got a lot to be proud of.  May I ask if you changed those that you hung with and maybe your way of thinking?  It just seemed to be so natural for ya.


  - Roy

yes,i definitely changed some habits right off the bat.

i didnt have too much trouble not hanging out with unhealthy people,i was so ready to move on,there was no reason to associate with those folks...

that being said,a couple of my closest,dearest friends were still sick,we went down the road to hell together....
more brothers than as far as my dearest,no i didnt stop hanging with them.

i did what was right for me...i immediately began training martial arts,and continued to work with the plants that gave me back my life,and tried to be as good a friend as i could...and show them that there is a way out of hell.

as far as changing my way of thinking...that occured over the couple years prior to my flood while becoming allied with ayahuasca....

by the time i was ready to flood,i was so ready it was like that was just the finisher...the iboga literally finished off what ayahuasca could not....i knew what i and live as a free man...

when the time came,the iboga was just a knockout blow to that reaffirmed everything i allready had learned,it gave me the chance to move forward and do it.

i never think about going back...its just dead in me.i would not be able to do or enjoy any og the things in my life the way it is now.
i would not be able to train,i would not have my friends...i would not have my beautiful woman,the only woman i have ever loved,or who has loved me for that matter...i would not have my health.

viva ayahuasca!!
viva eboka!!!


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