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Bwitings to you All
i am compiling a sticky for the forum:
Guidelines for Sitters

could you let me have your suggestions for people based on your own experience, please.  this is important.
what worked for you - and what didn't work for you. 
what you would like from your sitter - and also what you dont want
you can either PM me or make suggestions here on the forum.
when i have a comprehensive set and have put it together i will ask the Mods to OK it and add it here on the Forum.

many thanks

in Truth and Beauty

. . and with Love

Gloria Deo

roy d:

Hi Gloria,

I'll give you a couple of don'ts and make sures if ya want:

Don't drink alcohol for a few months for it seems to purge the noribogaine from your system.

Don't do it all by yourself.

Make sure you have a good setting and in a fair mood or better.

Be prepared to purge and keep the puke bucket nearby.

When the Exp is over do not take the first hit, shot, drink, etc.

Avoid bad places like bars, people who are using and that.

I know this is all simple and common sense but that's how people screw up.



I would recommend a sitter that
- you know and trust
- you won't have a problem asking to help you get to the toilet...
- preferably knows quite a lot about ibogaine, and can guide you through the darkest parts if necessary
- can, if needed, once in a while walk over and just touch your hand lightly or otherwise let you know there's still a human reality out there, or who is comfortable guiding you and soothing you if you bad trip
- is service minded and will do what you want, preferably before you ask, and without questions (open the window when you get too hot, inform you that what you're hearing is the fan in the other room and not an airplane crashing into the building, give you water, wash the floor if you puke all over it, etc.)
- will stay awake and in the same room for at least 12 hours, in the same apartment and preferably awake for as long as the hallucinations last (app. 24 hours), and in the same apartment more or less all the time for as long as the trip lasts (2-3 days)

You might also want to ask the sitter to write a log with short notes on what happens, if anything happens, like at what hour you pulled off all your clothes in panic over the heated body, at what hour you puked if you did, at what hour you said something and what you said, at what hour you started being more awake, etc. It really does help the navigation of what you experienced and when.


i include here a recent exchange between someone i sat with for their first flood (using root-bark) and myself.
it seems appropriate to put it here.

"Since my original flood with you, I went on to flood a second time at a higher dose and had my third eye open. That was an amazing sensation and I've been meditating a lot more recently. Generally I feel much more in touch with my spiritual side and find life is clearer to me. Iboga is an interesting plant medecine and I feel I understand it well. I think I will get to explore it more in months and years to come.

I also recently travelled to Indonesia. A close friend wanted to flood. After a lot of discussion, I finally agreed to sit for her and it was a very interesting experience. She didn't get the journey as described on the forums which I found intruiging. She got all the chaotic, negative thinking at the beginning and then nothing else. I guess the Wood gives people what they need, when they need it.

my reply:

i am moved to make some observations re your comments above. . .
yes.  for most people the Wood changes their reality. 
the problem is that the mind would like me to believe that everything is just the same.  it isn't.  the trick is to stay with the intuition.  what BL calls 'me'.  sounds like you have clocked this.
as for your friend.  not everyone is ready to meet the consciousness of the Wood - and i sense that her experience may illustrate this.  the 'nothing' is the truth.  but unless i have the intelligence and self-knowlege to see this it will seem just nothing.  and my sense is that the Wood in its inimitable way has shown her exactly what she needs; the chaotic idiocy of her mind and her only reality - nothing.  but until we are ready the nothing can seem empty and unbearable.
my experience is that to make the most of what the Wood has to offer it must be taken as a sacrament in a ceremonial setting and preparing to meet it is essential.  in this way the most efficient neural pathways are opened - through intent and invocation - for its entry into the consciousness of the celebrant.
this is how it has been used by the Bwiti for milllenia.

there is a world of difference, to me, between being just a 'sitter' and a ceremonial facilitator. 

all the best with your exploration! 
the Wood is in charge. . .

Basse "

ps BL -  Barry Long  Australian Spiritual Master   http://www.barrylong.org/index.shtml

Iboga Panacea:

--- Quote ---there is a world of difference, to me, between being just a 'sitter' and a ceremonial facilitator. 
--- End quote ---

=The Kambo aka Guardian of the Ceremony

Great lines Gloriadeo.

I find as well ceremonies conducted outside are somehow far more spiritual and conducive to the spirits.  One's done inside it seems to clog the energy a bit.  The day after I have found that music is not so good for them and that podcasts with wonderful information are nice.  Personally I like Red Ice Creations and just feeding there tired brain with possibilites.

Love yah!


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