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Available to chat live all day. Need support for flood in less than 24 hours.


I have been on Kratom extracts and cannot find any accounts of people flooding to get off.  I am looking for at least 1 other person experience.

you want to talk? I have no experience flooding for kratom, but there will be many similarities in flooding for other opiates. I do not know where the differences would start: it may be easier since they are the same class of drug (indole, tryptamines) but then that may make it harder, I truly do not know...if i had to guess I would say kratom should be a snap compared to other 'real' opiates that bind to more receptor cites and have stronger affinities for those sites....in short, they 'cling' more.

I try to make myself available to talk when I can, I am however inundated with my 'own shit' - meaning craziness and the like, and am not always as efficient at communications as I would like to be. PM me here with a number and I will call you - or we can chat. I will be off and on all night, peace, Cal

Iboga Panacea:
Try to be off of the Kratom for at least 24 hrs before hand.  Otherwise could present some issues.  Want to be in withdrawal just like any other opiate to be on the safe side. 

I guess you have gone ahead and done the flood by now. I hope it went well. I have been using kratom to wean down off of the opiates (pain pills) that I returned to recently. I have flooded twice before to get off pain pills and both times it was extremely helpful in eliminating the serious withdrawal symptoms. I expect I will do the same for kratom withdrawal if necessary. I will probably have to do another flood to get off the kratom and/or pain pills. I was actually thinking that I would switch to the kratom totally and then wean down from that. best of luck and let us hear how you do.

Thanks for all your replies.  I figured it was best to start a new thread.  Entitled: Heavy Kratom Abuse and My 4th Flood.  Check it out guys.




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