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Irc channel that Greatfuldad posted


Does anyone uses the channel, i can not find anyone


Hi there beholder -

  I personally have not even plugged in to the irc channel for some time, it seems all I can do to try and keep up with normal posts these days so there's not really room for me to chat atm. But I am sure the channel is still up - I have always thought it interesting that there's been so little activity where the chat is concerned, though there is typically a nice amount of activity here on the boards. I think that since facebook kind of blew up over the past few years it sort of coincided with Eboka's growth - and there have sprung up several popular iboga/ibogaine groups on FB that many people utilize, and that is closer to real-time and also has chat functions. Really that's my best guess...for whatever reasons the irc room just never seemed to catch on, it is still an option though - a good idea for members who wish to talk in real time off the open forums, folks could pm each other and meet up there or what have you.

  For more info, and likely more reliable than I can give, our resident Hack and stealth Admin, pkeffect is the go-to fellow for any/all techy questions. Just shoot him a PM and he will holla back atcha  :D

Thanks for the interest, glad to have you aboard!

Hey Beholder.
Give me a pm when you are on there sometime.
I would like to chat.

I havebeen on there before as well but I was the only one.


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