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Iboga and Improvement of Balance and Coordination


I've noticed that my sense of balance as well as body coordination is improved while microdosing. And before, it was starting to falter, due to I think my rheumatoid arthritis, but also possibly the side effects of the anti RA meds I've been on.

Could subthreshold Iboga be used to treat loss of balance in the elderly? My Grandma is having trouble with her balance, and the pharmaceutical meds she's taking isn't working.

This is especially dangerous in the elderly due to heightened risk of heart and liver complications.....then again, big pharma has their own toxicity.  I would tread carefully.  You should probably view treating the elderly as if you were treating a child....

My grandma has fallen a few times and broken her hip, she's lost her license after several accidents....I know how hard it is to watch your loved ones age. 

I like to see people thinking outside the box though  :) 


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