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How strong should the vinegar acid be?


Hello everyone  :)

This is my first extraction of Iboga and I have bought 98% strong vinegar acid...
Is this too strong? What would be an appropriate percentage for the acid?

Does the extraction go faster / more efficient the stronger the acid?

... or what percentage do you use?

So since it seems obvious that I was to lazy to search properly ....
after a little research I found that chris jenks used 0.5 % acetic acid

does anybody know about other numbers also for HCL ?

To tell you the truth man, I have never bothered with testing the pH of the acid in the food safe tek, just used distilled white vinegar out of the bottle, I am guessing it is around 4-5 pH? I doubt that you will need to dilute it, the alks will likely be safe and sound at that range, but I am not a chemist  :o

 I can't answer your HCL query,  I am not a sophisto extractor just do it the jungle brew stove top way  ;)

Welcome aboard friend, hope you stick around!

Thank you, Calaquendi  :)

I found some other numbers like 5% and 8% for the acetic acid.

Is there someone around here that tried different strong percentages of acetic acid or knows what will hapoen if you use stronger acetic acid...?
 (... like how high can I go in the percentage of the acid without harming the alks or whats the best percentage)


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