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High noribogaine levels dangerous after multiple iboga rb dose.


The eye:
Ok so I've been lurking around this forum and other forums for a while now and I've used over 70 grams rb in total within3 months and also did diferent doses sessions.

Last time was last week and I'd 10 g rb in one dosing.

With much interest in this plant and its mysterious ways of working with us. I've noticed if I do multiple days at around 4-5 grams I start being tolerant to it and it seems to not have full "effects" had to wit about 2weeks and after that only 7 grams would put me in my bed for a couple hours and then give me a mild glow effect for a couple days.

Based on some info I found it dosent show any negative/toxic effects when used at 1 single high/flood dose per day for multiple days.

From what I've read you can detect high levels of noribogaine after 24h and it will be stored in fat tissues for a couple months or so but I can't find anywhere where this warning that I see people write on the board about being cautious about not reflooding to early because of the high levels of noribogaine could be dangerous. Where does this info come from? Here's what I found from http://www.ibogainetreatment.net/?q=science


LD50 of ibogaine has been determined in guinea pigs (82 mg/kg i.p.) and in rats (327 mg/kg intragastric, 145 mg/kg i.p.) Chronic administration of ibogaine in rats ? 10 mg/kg i.p. for 30 days or 40 mg/kg i.p. for 12 days ? did not result in any pathological effect on liver, kidneys or brain. No pathologic effects have been demonstrated in apes taking ibogaine in doses of 5-25 mg/kg p.o. for four subsequent days(2).
Certain earlier references note neurotoxic degenerative change in Purkyn? cells in little brain in rats after administration of ibogaine in the dose of 100 mg/kg i.p., including astrocytoma and microgliosis. The above-mentioned neurotoxicity is not likely to be related to NMDA effect of ibogaine. Some of the above-described changes are sometimes related to ibogaine effect on sigma2 receptors. The neurotoxic effects have not manifested themselves in mice and in rats have been limited to high doses. The ?typical? dose of 40 mg/kg causes significant effect to neither male nor female rats. The same lack of toxicity has been demonstrated by repeated doses of 10 mg/kg, including apes. Acute effect of 18-MK (100 mg/kg) does not cause any pathological effect on little brain. The described indications of neurotoxicity of ibogaine are related to administration of relatively high doses of ibogaine, never used in therapy. Ibogaine may also demonstrate neuroprotective effects (for example preventing lethal effect of NMDA in mice and minimising occurrence of spasms after electrical shock in mice)(2).
Results of clinical trials phase 1 have already been published ? for safety and kinetics(4). Subjects (n=40) receiving 500, 600 or 800 mg p.o. have not shown any significant adverse reactions, the most frequent adverse reactions including nausea and mild shiver or mild transient ataxia within 1 hour after administration. Vital sign checks (breath frequency, systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse) have not shown any significant change within 24 hours after administration for study or therapeutic purposes. The lymphocyte (neutropic) counts, the levels of sodium and potassium were within the limits. No significant changes have been observed in ALT, AST, alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and GGT. Intense monitoring has discovered no haemodynamic or electrocardiographic changes. Just two heavily crack dependent patients shoed hypotension at the beginning of the session. No acute or post-study adverse psychiatric effects, nor any brain dysfunctions have been reported. It can therefore be concluded that ibogaine administered in an isolated dose has been well tolerated by subjects and no significant risks reducing its safety have been observed.

I get that a super high doses at once might be dangerous what info do we have out there about the dangers of high noribogaine levels? I'd like to know how often would the bwiti people consume the bark in there casual life and how often do they wait between ceremonies to consume higher amounts.

I've  tried many enthogens also but these days I'm only experiencing with iboga. This spirit and I seem to have a great relationship and I'm willing to be a guinea pig for the sake of humanity with this wonderfull gift. So far I am feeling very happy and greatfull of having discoverered this Divine tool.

I am very much into pineal gland detox and activation,meditation,Higher concience, law of attraction, being in touch with the universe our mother the earth and all that it gives us and plant spirit and have a beilef that we are all multidimensional beings experience the human 3d experience right now.

Iboga and other teacher plants has helped alot in my journey... I feel that I have a strong bond with iboga..... I still want to be cautious about it though...

I've not used any other medicine or drugs and have only been eating "divinely" if I may say. I feel like it is calling me for a real flooddose/initiation wich my highest flood was 25 grams of rb over 30h with great effects. i was thinking about 25-35mg/kg in a single dose within a month from now. Last 10g dose was last week with 1booster of 1g 2days ago.

Before flooding I with only be fasting with fresh juice in my juicer and fibre and protein from hemp powder and organic protein shakes .

I am a 26yo male weighing around 100kilos

hi, not sure about this, but here what comes to my mind - the warnings about the build up when taking rb a couple of days in a row, if i remember right, are about accidental flooding - not about toxicity. but i hope someone else will chime in, as i am not sure.

70 grams of RB in three months is excessive.  Remember this plant is endangered so I wouldn't use any more than you need.  It does however seem like you have pretty weak bark or you would have certainly flooded by now.  10grams of RB would put many of us out for a few days.  I doubt your tolerance is that high.  It does keep building up in your system.  I would take a break from eating the bark, seriously.  You don't want an accidental flood and there is absolutely no need to eat 7- grams in 3 freakin months.  I am glad you are getting something out of it but slow down.

Good Luck,

The eye:
Ya I haven't been taking any this week and probably won't for t least a couple months. Next time will be a full flood.

How o I test the quality myself? Would doing an extraction myself prove anything about potency based on the amount of extract I can pull? I've ordered alot of things from my source and I do believe that they are legit. The rest of the products is potent and to expectations.They even told me that it was the same bark that the  bwitti use for ceremonies and they seem very confident with the quality of there products.


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