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I've noticed that in "General Discussion" people are still talking about Iboga. It appears to me that General Discussion is for anything and everything that doesn't necessarily involve Iboga. The subtitle is "Everything Else," but I think maybe it should be "Everything else not directly related to Iboga."

I say this because we have "Eboka Talk," which has the subtitle, "Ideas, opinions and any other iboga talk that doesn't seem to fit elsewhere." THIS is where general talk relating to Iboga should happen. Otherwise, there isn't really a difference between the forums.


Also, I've noticed that people keep asking about information on microdosing, and it's sort of spread out all over the place. I propose that there some way to organize all the microdosing information and discussion into one place. Because let's face it, microdosing is a very different animal from flooding. At first I thought there should be a "Big and Dandy Thread" like there are on Bluelight, but then I realized all that varied microdosing discussion might be a bit much for one linear thread.

So maybe it would be a sub-category under "Eboka General" on the front page? Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

Hi Rhythm Spring!

Thanks for the ideas man - I have been a colossal slack at tidying things up. I have meant to for about ten years now (heh) but for some reason, just meaning to has produced absolutely no results, no matter how long I wait...hmm. I'll have to look into this. Tomorrow maybe.

We can move threads from General to Eboka Talk - ones that overtly have iboga as the main theme in some fashion - and try to impress on folks that these ideas are better suited for the 'Eboka' titled subforums for reasons of convenience and appearance as Eboka is enjoying quite a steady growth rate and a little pruning and weeding is prolly a great idea before things get too messy  :D

So you reckon (Kentucky word) we should relocate the 'microdosing' child board under a different parent forum or do you suggest giving microdosing its own forum altogether? Some rearranging and reorganizing is quite overdue anyways so this sounds good man. Thanks for bringing this up and I would also like to hear any more ideas.

Oh! I didn't notice those "child boards" before under "Pharmacology Research and Clinical Findings."

Maybe each big parent forum (like "Eboka Journals" and "Eboka Talk") should be split into two categories or child forums: Flooding and Microdosing. That would make things a lot easier to look at/sift through.

 I've given 'Flooding' and 'Microdosing' their own places as subforums and not child boards, I think you're right on about giving them a more noticeable spot. I haven't got time to rearrange or do much swippin and swoppin around of threads right this minute, any mods that have the time or inclination may fire away - but this is something I will attend to in due course.

Diggin aroun the compost pile, it looks like a mess too. I did not dig past three pages or so but it seems all of what I've seen is typical junk - do you know if most of the threads that were terrorized have been restored/replaced -  the ones that anyone cares about anyway?

As ever - thanks so much for helping out man...blessings!

I see the changes. I still think the other subforums should have microdosing/flooding childboards instead. Because we still have Eboka Journals, which could still contain both microdosing and flooding reports in one bucket. See what I mean?

BTW I did excavate all the deleted threads.


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