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Iboga Panacea:
I've been getting really into music from the Congo in my practice with microdosing, it seems to work even better for me than actual Bwiti music.  The similarities are so close I'm guessing these Bantu tribes must have commingled with Iboga musical inspiration.  I think we can all admit that Iboga is the most musically emitting plant on the earth even naturally tapping into a current of poetic genius.

Here are my favorite groups so far:
(1)Staff Benda Bilili
(2)Kasai All Stars
(3)Konono NÂș1'

There's many more but currently I'm so emerged in Staff Benda Bilili that I can't wipe the smile off my spirit.  It's like the poems of Rumi that describe being so drunk with madness that nothing phases your graces.

Anyone tapped into the Pygmy guitar genius genres?  That's a whole totally world into itself full of potential with Iboga mutual affection.


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