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Hi everybody,

does anybody have experience to share about joining an ayahuasca circle when microdosing?

In the beginners guide on this forum, it is stated:

"Also, it is strongly discouraged to combine the healing of iboga with ayahuasca or other visionary or hallucinogenic substances."

but there's no indication why it is strongly discouraged, does anybody know?

4 days ago i started microdosing 1 drop per day of the TA 1:50 (from maya) and intended to take a 30 day cycle. (Or if the perceptions get in the way with daily life start multi day cycling.)

I've been invited to join an ayahuasca circle, which is in 11 days, and am wondering whether to stop microdosing Iboga beforehand, or if i can safely join the aya circle whilst continueing to microdose. (or perhaps even not join this aya circle)
(I've drank Aya 40 or so times now but this is my first experience with microdosing, and Iboga.

Your experience is much appreciated.

 Pharmacologically speaking:
(And I'm no pharmacologist, but here's what I do know)

Ayahuasca contains RIMAs, or reversible MAOIs. These are contraindicated with a lot of psychoactive substances. They affect the heart in a particular way.
Iboga affects the heart in a particular way, too. It could get messy around the heart...
Ibogaine and nor-ibogaine have effects that enhance, magnify the effect of neurotransmitters. So do RIMAs, found in Ayahuasca. In short, pharmacologically, it is really unsafe--you could be inducing cardiac failure and/or serotonin syndrome.

Spiritually speaking:
When you drink Ayahausca, you are healing with the divine feminine, and you are opening the higher chakras. ime, imo, DMT directly opens the crown chakra.

When you take Iboga, you are healing with the divine masculine, and you are opening the lower chakras, especially the root chakra. ime. 

If you take both, you're opening everything at once, which could be extremely disorienting, confusing. Not only that, you're inviting two POWERFUL spirits into your consciousness, both of which have their own specific plan for your healing. Both plans work, but they need full reign over your being to do it. If you take both, they may "fight," causing much distress and possibly death.

Just ask Lalababa, who smoked DMT shortly after ingesting Iboga. She experienced the two intelligences fighting, and it was very stressful.

Trust is key to healing, and taking more than one Master medicine indicates that you do not trust one of those master medicines to fully take charge of your healing process.

And, pharmacologically speaking, if you want to avoid mixing the two, you want to wait at least a week after taking Ayahuasca to take Iboga, but you want to wait at least 1-2 MONTHS after taking Iboga to take ayahuasca, for the simple fact that noribogaine stays in your system (liver) for that long, after taking Iboga.

So, even if you've been just microdosing with Iboga, you will still have to wait 1-2 months before your body is completely clear from any Iboga alkaloids.

For these reasons, I would strongly caution you against taking Ayahuasca during this time.

Hi Rythmspring, thank you for sharing your words, much appreciated.

I didn't realize that the time gap between taking Aya after Iboga needed to be so big, that's a bit of a reality check for my research skills. :-/

The idea of not drinking aya for a period of 3 months is a bit daunting, as I'm also joining the Ayahuasca circles in order to learn from experienced shamans/facilitators and build the experience to feel confident holding space for others during ceremonies. It's a sad idea to put this on hold for 3 months whilst microdosing, but I interpret your words to mean; make a choice, trust the medicine, follow through. Solid advice.

That said, I'm now so used to dipping in and out, and combining different experiences and spirits that it might be good for me to check a few more things.
Just to make sure that I don't overstep in a silly way, does anybody have experience, whilst microdosing, with ingesting;

- Mushrooms (augmentative dose)
- Raw Cacao (ceremonial dose)
- Rapee (Hapi)
- Coffee (1 filter coffee a day)

I wouldn't expect these to have a pharmacological contraindication but perhaps I'm overlooking something obvious.

Many thanks again for your advice and help.

Mushrooms: Synergize well with Iboga microdosing. I would recommend doing it at least 3-5 days *after* a microdose, though, rather than at the same time as a microdose. You can do it at the same time without any physical risk, but it just may be a more difficult experience, since Iboga kind of takes you under before it brings you back up.

Raw Cacao: I would caution against this, especially a ceremonial dose. Cacao affects the heart, and can have funky interactions with other things that affect the heart, such as RIMAs or Iboga. I can have small amounts of chocolate on Iboga, but if I eat too much, my heart feels skippy.

Rapee: This is tobacco snuff, right? My personal experience has found Iboga to not mix well with the tobacco spirit very well. I don't have anything else to support this, though. Maybe try a little and see what kind of reaction there is, or if there is a synergy.

Coffee: All I can say about this is that Iboga will increase your sensitivity to coffee, so you will probably just need less of it to get you going.

Rythmspring, thanks again for replying to my questions.

I did join the raw cacao ceremony, before i read your reply, and it was ok. My reasoning when joining was that i had only microdosed for a week at that stage and the iboga effect was still sub perceptual. Not sure if it's the best logic to apply but that's how it went.

I am however starting to experience noticable heart rate increases, when drinking coffee or when taking rapee, so am going easier on these both and will cut them out completely if it continues.
Based on current info I've also decided to refrain from drinking ayahuasca untill a month after microdosing, so your words are well received.

Thanks again for your responses, as a newbie to iboga, it's great to have people around to be able to check in with.


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