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First off, I do understand that this is not in the microdose section of the forum, however felt it was more appropriately placed here.

I have done several iboga journeys and with all the spiritual practice I have done, I find I can connect almost as solidly with Papa Iboga on a microdose as on a full on flood.

I've recently settled on a regular microdosing regime, probably once every 3-4 months. Knock on effects are the solid sense of self and invulnerability and Strength that come from the Iboga. And the usual improvement in almost all areas of my life.

Here goes:
6 capsules on an empty stomach on a Saturday morning.

This was just after I had come back from a trip to Amsterdam with friends. I had the post Amsterdam, what the feck did I just do, am I really This person reality hit me like a ten ton truck.

So I was feeling pretty down getting into the dream.

Re: intent, I was thinking of getting a long term partner, setting up a business, upping my income and wanted help and advice with that too.

I did the microdose the day after getting back. And whilst it was slightly more difficult to connect with the spirit at times (as opposed to the solid flood connection), and I confused his voice with mine.

However I've spoken to Papa enough times to know when its him. That solid, stern, authoritarian, wise, cut and dry voice.

I asked Papa to show me the future, and in his inimitable way he showed me the two futures in front of me.

One where I was single, working for a month or two, and traveling or living for a month or two in flash apartments in a party city. Looking muscular with bodyweight exercises and looking the shyt and getting laid with supercute women OR clean living off the drugs and sex and the white picket fences, happy well adjusted children, a great partner and being a role model to them all.

There are two groups and they are different and never the twain shall meet. And I only realise this now - the successful, family men are doing the shyt I'm doing unless they're douchebags or losers or artists doing their thing. If I wanted money, the successful business, financial freedom, the great girl, the family, I couldnt go around doing my everyday weed, alcohol, travel, rolling stone single man life. And again realising that there were no successful family men who were leading anything close to the life I was living.
And it was with a level of peace that I decided, I have had enough of this hedonistic life, and that whilst it's been great, I do have a different life I ought to get to.

Here were the questions I asked Papa. Sometimes I went off on one writing my own thoughts, but had to re-connect and make sure I heard Papa's voice. And as anyone who has met Papa knows, you can hear his cut and dry authoritarian voice in the answers. :)

How do I find the right relationship
Get off the laptop and out of the house. To meet women go out there to the places where the women you want will be.

How do I stay fit?
Eat clean and healthy. Everything will fall into place after that.
Be hard with yourself if you don't.

How do I achieve my goals?
Steady. A little bit everyday.

What do the futures hold for me?
One where you're a single guy, dressed well, living in a party European city, having a couple of relationships every year or two.
Or another with the white picket fences family in a nice house in the suburbs. You have a choice. Because there is no way you can do both. You can't repeat many of the things you just did in Amsterdam.
Choose. Wisely. Now.

How do I make money?
To decide that I really want money. And not vacillate about whether or not I do.

How do I stay happy without the weed?
Your mood has actually improved the times you've stopped, and once the first sign of shyt hits, you run.

My moods been pretty good the times I've been clean. 

How do I get a habit of finishing?
Get a place on the wall for star charts and find out how they work.

How do I manage to stay in the right group?
Stay off risky activities like drugs or toxins that are designed to fuck you up.

How do I get rid of my tax issues?
Little bit everyday. Once the cleanliness sets in, Everything will fall into place.

How do I manage my anxiety?
You have no anxiety apart from creating dramas through self flagellation.

How do I manage disapproval of others?
You manage disapproval of yourself.

What about career?
Keep doing what you were doing. You'll find it all fall into place.

Wheres the next place to get?
XXXX. It''s a place I've always liked. It's overlooking the river.

How do I manage my relationship avoidance?

Hahaha, shame that i stopped at that crucial juncture as I would have loved to have Papa's take on that. But hey ho. :)

And I guess post microdose, things have been great. My moods picked up. I've been off the weed. Eating organic non processed food for the most part. Exercising. Also on the noPMO scene (no porn, masturbation or orgasms).

And looking ahead to setting things up for a different life. And huge huge thanks to Papa Iboga, as though looking back reading this they seem like simple realisations, but then again, Papa's insights are always cut and dry simple realisations.

Looking forward to the next few decades - they look good.

great stuff. Thank you for the report, the wisdom is always helpful even if it 2nd hand. How many grams of rootbark were the 6 capsules?

"I have done several iboga journeys and with all the spiritual practice I have done, I find I can connect almost as solidly with Papa Iboga on a microdose as on a full on flood. "

I find this to be true. Found your post to be timely, as I have over 20g of rootbark in the freezer from 2012 & 2013 that I had not used since then, and took 1g of bark to help me resolve some very pertinent lingering issues in my life. I basically had the same stages as a flood, though less intense, but extremely powerful and healing.
I saw the faces, though they were very faint, I felt a welcome home, then a very difficult phase of revealing of whats really gone on after my thoughtforms & illusions were cast aside, followed by introspection and integration with some very humorous reflections of how silly I was and joyful laughter. I was shown approval of some of the things I was doing in my life as well, guidance and direction. This experience really gave me clarity on my issues and, as you mentioned the strong sense of self, in the moment focus & clarity and Strength.

iboga/ibogaine is quite a gift, there is nothing like it and I feel blessed to have this sacrament in my life.

Hi, ddraig,
Remember your posts from when I first did iboga and always found you calm, measured and wise.

Apologies for the delay. Had to root around my inbox to find out how much.

6 x 300 mg root bark capsules so about 1.8g or root bark.

Not so sure if I want to do anymore floods if I get almost the same benefit with a microdose even the 3-4 month noribogaine high.


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