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Reliable ibogaine vendors

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Does anyone know of a good reliable ibogaine vendor besides IbogaWorld? I got pretty good stuff from them before but the last 2 shipments were really weak. I would love any advice on good vendors, please!

In my experience, the more one takes ibogaine, the weaker it gets. I wrote a post about this and others replied that the same thing happened to them. None said that this did not happen to them.

While the stuff from IW might have gotten weaker, it might also simply be because you took it a few times already.

Take more

I have recently had problems with them also. I placed an order on the December 18th, today is January 6th, and no tracking number, no replies to my emails, and obviously no mail. As Cal knows, this has happened to me earlier last year, so I am over it. I want a refund, but they are not responding to my emails. Also, when I finally got my bark, it was INCREDIBLY weak. And some of it, I gave it a friend that never had it before, and it tasted bad and hardily had an effect. Neither one of us are drug dependent. I was trying to flood before school started, but too late for that. Anyone have any ideas, other than these guys? Pm me if anyone has any ideas, thanks. Also, what do I have for recourse? I never had a problem with them in the past, but this is the second time in the past year that I had issues that are not just a simple human error.

plants harvested too soon are weak


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