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Why is Eboka Dying?

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Why has activity on this site screeched to a halt?


Has the demand for anonymous iboga discussion totally dropped?

Does it matter? Do we care?

Interestingly though, page views is way up, but new posts are way down. Seems we have a lot of lurkers?

theres more than enough info and those lurking are likely in desperate times and rather just read and get info than take the time to post. nothing bad goin on just shows we've been adequate in our sharing also things like facebook groups are really taking over and usually people will talk there instead and just come here for reference or if linked an article/post. thats my best guess. waiting for michelle to get in touch with me to finish up an order and journeying as soon as i can so wish me luck. i have a good bit of prior experience in 2011 dosing daily over 2 and a half weeks on all forms so if things are the sameish then it should go smoothly

More than enough info? I beg to differ. We are just barely discovering the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what iboga can do and treat. There is so much information that is changing and evolving regarding legality, endangered status, clinical use, health effects, etc. etc..

Iboga induces such a multifaceted and varied experience that I can't imagine NOT having dialogue about it.

Yeah I have noticed this.

If the site changed its name to Iboga rather than (search engine benefits) would it generate more views then.... more participation/dialogue I dont really know, I am just throwing it out there.




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