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Greetings! Quick introduction.


Hello, I first would like to introduce myself. My name is Dana.c I am a recovering addict. Iboga was implanted into my knowledge within this last year. Where it lurked as some far off, unrealistic fantasy.
 Yet along the course of a trying romantic relationship, the fruits of such in my first child, a baby boy to be born literally ant moment as I type this beside my beautiful girlfriends hospital bed. Iboga found its way to my mailbox.

 I intend to approach this medicine with all the preparation, reapect, and trust that this plant deserves. With an open body, mind, and soul.  However I suppose I will go into more detail in the proper forum and area!

I would sincerely like to express gratitude for this website and information available here. Also acknowledge the kind individuals who have helped build this portal of invaluable information. So thanks to anyone who has shared their knowledge, expeirience and thoughts for others like myself to have access to and of.....

 Hopefully I too can aide in sombodys journey other than my own when capable.

Hi Dana, and welcome to the forum :)
I wish you the best luck with your journey and your recovery. I'm also dealing with another addiction, food, and am taking recovery very seriously, though I don't intend to use Iboga's help for now. But it's definitely a powerful tool.


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