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First flood. Thoughts and wisdom welcome!


Hey there guys. I recently received my 40 grams rootbark. So I figured it best to share at least my most basic of plans and perhaps gain some well wishes and waneful warnings.

 First off. I am a poly drug addict. My substances with the most problematical presence would be methamphetamines as well as equally undesirable heroin/fentynal. I have used these drugs, amongst many others, for the past 15-20 years.

 Desperately so indeed! I have been a iv user for the past ten years ive lost most of my veins... Channeling my fears and uncertainties and shortcomings into a very unhealthy life...

Anyways I read about iboga during just about the worst and most hopeless of these times. Held it only as a fantasy due to lack of funds to travel to a iboga treatment center. .. I was immediately  intrigued buy it's mysterious addiction interruption properties. Further coming to appriciate all of its awsome and introspective healing and growth potential.

 I managed to aquire 40 grams rootbark. Now I had planned on using this to find freedom of opiate dependency  soley. As it stands hwrestling and now however. Is that along this spiritual journey learning about, researching, and squirting iboga. I actually found a way to kick the opiates and meth!! With the help of some heavy cannabis consumption!

Anyways, never thought that was even possible to not be so feverishly fixated on my addicitons. It's amazing how this has all happens may I add. It happened as a blessing let me tell you. For I am in the labor and delivery ward of my local hospital. Awaiting the arrival of my first born son! HAHA!

Anyways to cut through some of my own BS, I now have 40 grams rootbark sitting at home. My plan 8s to do a basic extraction of the alkaloids present. Based off the suggestion of my supplier, and my own research, I had planned on taking the entirety of my dose.  So whatever would be yielded from my 40 grams of rootbark.

However this dosing regiment was assumed under the pretense of my rather high drug dependencies of the time. Which I have managed to rid myself of the past 10 days.

So basically. Would I need a lower dose than ta=40 grams rootbark ? Or would thw 40 grs still be necessary for a fully immerse and effective flood expeirience?

Also any advice in regards to the extraction techniques to choose from. Diet prior and leading up to the flood? Advice  on preparat ion in general would be super helpful and appreciated!

I have tried to make as many positive and healthy changes surrounding my life and habits as I am capable prior to this expeirience. ... The time is near now I feel. My son will be born withing the day, my iboga is at home only needing extraction....so I have either convinced, fooled, or sincerely suckered myself into believing I am ready for this iboga expeirience. 

Everyone and anyone who has any thoughts, opinions, advice, or critism.  Please, let yourself be heard sharing it!

Thanks everybody for this sweet site and ton of invaluable information!!!

Just some thoughts:
40 grams does seem like a lot as my impression is that 20 grams rootbark is about a flood dose. However the dose differs from person to person such as according to body weight, and it's also difficult to know how strong rootbark will be. This is why Ibogaine HCL is usually used for treating addiction. I can't say anything about alkaloid extraction, but my impression is that around 3 grams of Iboga alcaloid extract is a flood dose.
I hope that you can really get to the root of your addiction. It will likely take a long time to work through. I recommend getting help in whatever means is available, including the 12 steps program.
Personally I don't recommend taking a dose larger than a standard flood dose. A standard flood dose is very powerful, and things could go wrong including long-term negative effects. Keep in mind that taking Iboga will always be a risk... there's no guarantee that it will be 100% safe.
Wishing you the best!


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