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Questions about other meds before microdosing

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Thank you for clarifying on the nature of your substance use. I know it isn't easy to be frank about it. I take back my wording of "physically addicted."

I wouldn't worry about having "zero spirituality." In some sense, iboga isn't even spiritual. It can be very practical. It can offer insight that is very direct, matter-of-fact, no frills, etc. And it may not even seem like it's coming from an outside source. Indeed, it is you who will (hopefully) do the realizing, or perhaps the un-learning of patterns that got you into this mess in the first place.

In my not-so-humble internet-stranger's opinion, you do not NEED to get an EKG or liver panel test before you microdose, especially if your physical body is pretty much healthy.

Most of the iboga/ibogaine deaths/complications come from people accidentally or stupidly mixing other substances with iboga. "Whoops, I did a line of cocaine while on iboga!" "Whoops, I couldn't deal with the emotional pain on iboga so I went for my "trusty" opioids!" That'll kill you.

That's one of the reasons why, if you want to go deep with iboga, you need a sitter present to prevent those things from happening and/or give moral support.

Good luck, and have fun!!

Thanks for the reply.  I TRY not to be TOO stupid with my meds.  Having quit cymbalta, ambien and adderall for the last six days, I think I can say they weren't really doing much for me, merely habits.  I was hoping to take the first micro dose (around 100mg, RB powder) next Monday.  By then I will have been off those for a week and a half (if you read my above posts, those three were very small amounts to begin with)
 I won't have kratom or kava the day OF microdosing, but from a purely safety concern, would it be ok to have a small amount of kratom (like 3g plain leaf)  the morning BEFORE?  (Sundays are difficult without it.) 7-hydroxy-mitragynine half-life is only 2-3 hours.  The online  information is confusing. For example, some sites recommend having a small supply of xanax on hand during a flood dose. Or that kava can help after the initial dose has worn off. This conflicts with others that say you need to be off everything for weeks before and after.   

I have a sitter (kind of). My girlfriend is an LPC and has been doing lots of research on how to be a "guide", even if it is just microdosing. She's incredibly supportive and is both invested and curious about the process. 

It sounds like you should be fine. I personally am against using xanax during a flood, more for spiritual reasons than safety reasons. 24hrs before should be fine, just don't take something else while iboga is in your system. And remember, once you take iboga it is IN your system for a LONG time. We're talking 4-8 weeks, because it gets converted into noribogaine which stays in your system for about that long.


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