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i need help with this extraction


I was trying to make TA extract with vinegar and sodium carbonate from 25g RB. It wasnt precipitating so in the end i strained it all at put on a heat mat to evaporate the vinagre and what was in the coffee filter i put aside. I was using a ceramic tray for evaporation, but the interior of it is polished and it doesn't have any pores so i would say there is no way it passed through the ceramic, but under the tray there was some juice and when it dried up it looks like small crystals. Also on the sides (both interior and exterior) of the tray is a lot of white/yellow powder. So what are your opinions? Are they alkaloids, the powder on the sides and the crystals underneath the tray? And is it ok if i take also what was in the coffee filter, some alkaloids and sodium carbonate?
for some reason i can't upload the pictures. if i try from the phone it says either they are too big, or it takes too long for the upload. and if i try from pc it says this "The attachments upload directory is not writable. Your attachment or avatar cannot be saved."


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