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Insight on IW?


Curious if anyone can provid me feeeback on IW. Ive engaged with them without any hiccuos for over 5 years, and was always in awe with how good they were.

I am very empathetic to the current climate that we're living in 2020.

But with that said, it seems very out of character to two emails spread 2 months apart. This most recent round, things were en route and in the right place before the whole world went sideways.

Just wondering if anyone has insight. I try to maintain a stock of this, and one day hooe to complete a full bore flood, but my personal intuition tells me a retreat/clinic (and in general, surrounded by strangers) is not the path for me.

I'm not so much fussing about the "but you said you would..." and "what happened to my..." components so much as a status update on the organization.

It just seems out of character.


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