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This will be a static page for a current listing of our vendors and sponsors. I encourage any that are listed here to provide a brief description to be added next to their banner/links. This page will evolve as more support becomes available. Any information that needs to be added/edited/revised etc. should be sent to me at pkeffect@gmail.com .

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Thank you.

Maya Ethnobotanicals - We pride ourselves in supplying the most known ethnobotanical plants, and a wide variety of other rare plants, incenses and related items, as well as handicrafts and fine arts from around the world. We hold great value in old cultures, their art, visions, and their ancient knowledge of "teacher" plants. We believe that teacher plants are crucial for the spiritual awareness and evolution of mankind. In a time when we have become disconnected from nature, the power and potential of these plants must be acknowledged and embraced. They are tremendously important to medicine and technology, and can be an important tool for to people to learn, understand and appreciate the mysteries of nature. Reconnecting with the plants, reconnects us with reality, and realigns us with nature to promote our spiritual growth. If the purpose of evolution is expanding in perfection, in harmony with nature, we need to acknowledge the teacher in the plant, respect it and learn from it. For mankind, at the top of the food chain, it's time to Feed the Mind.

Reset (Segment of Maya Ethnobotanicals) - Iboga therapy is the most -and perhaps the only- effective natural therapy that can "Reset" addictions and eliminate withdrawal symptoms at the same time, effectively and successfully. With this website we provide a complete view on the use of the plant Tabernanthe iboga in anti-addiction treatment and other therapies. We pride ourselves in sourcing quality materials from this powerful ethnobotanical, directly from honest, qualified and reliable suppliers in Central Africa.

Poppy's Pods -


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