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Free Root Bark Drawing #2!!!

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Hello, hello!

To kick off the new year with good vibes and lots of love - WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER DRAWING -yay!-  ;D (say "yay", dammit!)

Our friends at Cerberus Extract (http://cerberusextract.com/) will be donating 20g of top-notch T. iboga root bark to the winner!

Same deal as last contest, if you weren't here for that one - here's the skinny:

Participants encouraged to submit an "essay" - or your own definition thereof - (no minimum words, no worries over syntax - no one will be 'graded' on eloquence) about "Why/how you or a loved one would benefit from Iboga" OR "What would you do if gifted with 20g iboga root bark"

One entry per contestant - the way we'll do this is each member who wants to make an entry will do so by starting a thread in this board, this will encourage discourse and give a place to reply to each entry.

In the body of the text, please include Cerberus Extract's web address, thus:  http://cerberusextract.com/

Promotion will run for two weeks (from today) - winner will be selected by random drawing - so it doesn't matter if you think you are not the most gifted writer in the universe, your entry will go into the 'hat' and will be drawn at random using the unbiased GratefulDad Tek.


Must be an adult 18 or older

US entrants are encouraged, but shipping address MUST be outside the United States - shipping address to be provided directly to Cerberus by winner (please do not ask for shipping to areas where prohibited)

US participants, do not be discouraged about shipping policies - go ahead and enter, if you win, you can pay your gift forward to someone who is in an area not affected by Draconian law!

EDIT: You must have min 10 posts to enter  ;)  No longer a join date rule!!  Also, winner may be required to provide proof of age to pick up the package at the post office.  This is simply to eliminate the chance that children get their hands on it.

We wish to thank Cerberus Extract for their generosity, please visit them at: http://cerberusextract.com/ !

This thread will remain open for questions or discussion but remember to post your entries as a new thread on this board! Thanks, and good luck!

YAY!!!!   MORE IBOGA!!!!  Good job on the contest, Cerberus!

The quality of their product(s) is *****

So, since this hasn't gotten much attention all week, I was wondering if maybe removing the rule that people must have been signed up before the contest, might be beneficial.  I do hope that the bark goes to participating members in the community, but it doesn't seem like many of them have seen this, or perhaps they don't need the bark.  I have been hanging out at DMT-Nexus, and it seems some of my influence has helped bring in more folks.  Maybe some of these folks qualify.  Hopefully this post will make it more noticeable, but perhaps bending that final rule a bit may help increase the contest's popularity..

EDIT:  Rule change!  Thanks again Cerberus and Cal!

I am very saddened by this edit.  Earlier today it was 5 minimum posts to enter and now it is 10 which disqualifies me.  I will quit working on my essay.


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