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Ahoy Eboka-ites!

Our members have spoken...and we have listened (finally)  ;) - This here board has been a long time in the coming. Aside from the self-explanatory title I will go in to a few things about the content here:

There are plenty of places on Eboka for sharing 'war stories' and 'recipes' this board ain't it.

Please do not post about 'dirty maintenance' or other drug protocols here - I know this can be a fine line sometimes, getting clean and staying clean - and we will certainly be patient with folks, but let's keep all the discussion here about drug-free positive ways to maintain a sober lifestyle.

I think even the word 'sober' can be tricky - for me, it means a state of mind. I know people who do recreational 'drugs' who are more 'sober' thank folks I know with 10+ years in a recovery program...when I speak about sober - I am speaking about the state of mind where an individual has cast off the fears and habits that kept them in active addiction, and has undertaken the journey to embrace responsibility and creativity and helping others do the same. That's a pretty good definition I think.

This ain't an AA/NA meeting - BUT - there are plenty of folks who use that 12 step model to great success and I do not want anyone to feel ostracized - there will most certainly be occasion for sharing the wisdom of recovery programs and yes, even peoples' belief in a Higher Power. Let's all be mindful of each others feelings and keep the discourse respectable at all times.

There's a ton left unsaid...and that's all right, time for you guys to chime in. I want to thank the member's who have been patient with me and for making the suggestions for this forum. Love to all - Calaquendi  ;D

~"It's not a race, it's a journey"

love you man .

calquendi, u is wise beyond your years!

 ;D Kind words wetdough...thank you. Now if only the rest of the planet would acquiesce lol...

Great to see you here dude and I'm beaming that you're pushing a month already - get up dude!!!  8)

Brilliant !


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