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Title: A new herbal medicine for drug addiction treatment!!!
Post by: lalababa on February 26, 2015, 03:23:52 AM
Hey there folks!

There is new exciting news in the addiction treatment world.  This new herbal concoction called Heantos seems to be very effective at alleviating withdrawals AND cravings!  It is LEGAL in the US and SAFE TO DO AT HOME ALONE!  It does not illiminate withdrawal symptoms completely but significantly reduces them and lets you sleep which many of us know is impossible during withdrawal.  It also seems to curb cravings extremely well and it seems to alleviate PAWS quite a bit too. It is 12, maybe 13, herbs Some of which are fairly common.  I have seen first hand how well it works.. it has been used for people coming straight off of methadone..for alcohol and cocaine.  And the perfect trifecta seems to be a little bit of Kratom on the hardest days 2-4 and some benzos during those days as well.. We all know Kratom and Benzos can lead to nasty addictions themselves but if only using 2 or 3 days, I think it is okay.. It seems to work great alone but even better with one or both of the others.  There is still a lot to learn but this could be used to wean down on long acting opes.. and used in conjunction w Iboga.. I can see people getting off their DOC with Heantos then a month later using Iboga to seal the deal.. or using Heantos for minor relapses after Iboga.. or alone so we can give Iboga a chance to come out of the endangered territory.  I find this news very exciting!  If anyone wants to learn more, let me know, I can get you the info you need. It does not eliminate all of the withdrawal symptoms but does make them manageable and you basically sleep through a lot of it.  People say that their mood and appetite are good during the Heantos detox.  Great news!  Any tool we can have under our belt and a legal/safe one as well.  People who are not candidates for Iboga because of a heart issue.. Heantos could be their answer! :D

I have not been on here, or the internet in general as much as I should and I apologize for neglecting my duties here.. I will try to be more present especially in the next couple of weeks because Rhythm Spring is taking an internet detox for a couple of weeks.  I have just been having a rough time ever since Jack Tripper died and it may have seemed like O fell of the face of the earth since that happened (in here anyways) I REALLY miss that fucker!  I have missed all of you too though.