Author Topic: Recommended chemical free tooth paste and deodorant for men for ayahuasca retre?  (Read 2384 times)

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I'm going to an ayahuasca retreat in July and the dieta requires using a chemical free tooth paste and chemical free deodorant. After browsing the web, I realised there had a lot of choice but they all cost a lot and I'd like to avoid having to try many to find one that is effective and smells either good or neutral. Do you have any chemical free tooth paste and deodorant for men that you can recommend?

I posted this question on an ayahuasca forum but didn't get any satisfying answer.

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Aren't there sticks you can chew that clean the teeth? I think it was an Indian (from India) thing, or maybe it was a Persian thing.

As for deodorant, just bathe. Will you be in the jungle? Maybe you can bathe in the Amazon River.

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I brush my teeth with activated charcoal, and let me tell you, your teeth will feel cleaner than they ever have. It doesn't taste great, but why should it if it's more effective at cleaning your teeth than any toothpaste?
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