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Title: Hello Everybody !
Post by: harveyplex on December 04, 2009, 09:11:40 PM
Hello all ,(thanks cal)
This has been a strange road my monkey has taken to get to where he is right now .  he has had a problem with addiction since his late teens . most recently a poly substance abuse problem . he went on subboxxone for a brief stint and when it came down to it could no longer afford the meds or the visits to the doctor who wrote the contract (suboxxone script) out to begin with. when his perscription ran out he was back on dope again - bad monkey . it is also important to mention that my monkey does have bouts of depression and has had this problem since he was a young chimp. it is important to mention that my monkeys father was in the military and my monkey had to move almost every year of his life.
i strongly belive that he lost something of himself in this constant shuffle .
its true that after this went on for so long he turned to(and stayed with) drugs&alcohol.
he has been in and out of rehab clinics and halfway houses & has almost lost his life many times while under his vices influences . two years ago he was rushed to the emergency room and pumped full of narcan and other drugs that helped recesitate him .  he most recently has been using marijauna and narcotics namely dilaudid and oxycontin- & (coffee coffee coffee !!) .
things have come to a point wher he very much wanted to try ibogaine of which he first heard of in 1993 .
after some searching he was able to find a reputable person from which he acquired 30 grams of ibogaine root bark(5-6%)  from .
we (my monkey and i ) were wondering if anybody out there can help him with this journey? we need all kinds of advice  , from the root barks preparation to pre and post experince advice .
we have come across a method of extration using vinegar that is fairly easy to do but we wonder are there any other methods that are just as easy or easier with better results?
is 30 grams of rootbark enough for my monkey ?
what types of things are we looking for when he takes his test dose ?
is it okay for him to take valium instead of xannax ?
 can he take dramamine on top of the valium also ?
 what is the best method for his experience - after the test dose how should he go about taking the rest?(flood dose)
what types of things do the sitters need to be aware of ?
how often do the check on him and when they check on him what should they do? - look for?
he has gone to the doctor and he is ok physically to do this journey.
i forgot to mention that earlier.
my monkeys main concern is that he has invested quite alot of time and money into making this work out properly and cant afford for this to go wrong .
he was in the poor house before he went on his quest for the ibogaine experience .
he also tells me that just knowing that this is coming has provided him with a felling of hope and wellbeing he hasnt known for quite some time now.
he hasnt used narcotics in almost a month now and struggles everyday to keep clean untill he finds his experience.

his experience is just on hold for now while he and i go about on a quest for knowledge on this experience and how to go about doing it in a correct and safe manner.
with this all being said we sure look forward to hearing from you all.
your knowledge and experience mean the world to us .
thanks and god bless -

ps. if you would rather message me in private that is just fine also .
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: harveyplex on December 04, 2009, 09:39:44 PM
i need to mention that when is said what drugs my monkey most RECENTLY used - it would have been better said that these were the drugs he used last.
note : he still has been using marijauna although he considers that being sober for some reason.

ps . note marijauna has proven problematic more than once in my monkeys career.
  - i think its time he dropped it too !

i hope i did this right and didnt say anything wrong for this forum.
i mean no offence .
thanks again - harvey plex
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: Eon T McKnight on December 04, 2009, 10:35:02 PM
Dear Mr. Harveyplex;

Welcome to the Forum!

First I must make a disclaimer:  Watch out for my truly weird sense of humor!  While I sometimes try to be as offensive as possible, I try hard not to offend anyone in particular.

I think that perhaps your monkey and my long-time, trusted assistant, companion and alter ego, Igor, may have a few things to talk about.

Igor and I have a fair amount of experience doing extractions, and I am working on one for Eboka.  The problem there is that I do not yet have any to use for experimentation.  However, I have the general principles committed to memory from practice with other plants.  The one problem with using water for a solvent is that it tends to form gunk that is pretty much impossible to get filtered.  The technique I am contemplating uses ethanol (EtOH) or isopropanol (IPOH) to do the initial extraction and filtering.  Alcohols flow through filters easily and their lower density (than water) make the source material sink to the bottom faster and more completely.  Decant, sinner, decant!  After reading a number of extractions on the web, the ibogaine in the root bark is definitely soluble in alcohols, it is probably in freebase form.

After the root bark has been extracted and filtered, it can be turned into an 'acid salt' with vinegar and evaporated to dryness, or it can be used in the natural freebase state.

If you let me know what your previous experience with extraction/chemistry is, what equipment (if any) is on-hand and how much time/expense is available, I will be glad to give more details appropriate to your monkey's situation.  No doubt, having someone interested in the subject will encourage me to continue with my write-up.

I do have 32 grams of voacanga root bark I have been contemplating extracting that would provide me with some experience similar to Eboka.  I have been slowly, gently working at getting a neuropharmacologist friend to help me with the conversion of voacangine to ibogaine.

Re: valium.  It is my thought that, especially in cases such as yours and mine, where detox and alleviation of withdrawal is not an issue, the insights gained through the visions are important to get to the cause of addiction and depression to be able to fix the problem at its root.  Does your monkey have experience with 'visual' psychedelics such as LSD, DMT, mushrooms or peyote/mescaline?  The effects of those are quite different from MDA or X.

You might find my recent posts on the use of chrysin in this forum interesting.  It seems to decrease the visionary and anxiety effects of 'mimohuasca' while still keeping the mind clear.  I guess knowing why you are contemplating the use of valium would enable better responses from both myself and other forum members.

Re: Dramamine.  I have used just a couple of datura seeds to allay nausea when doing peyote with total success.  Dramamine gives me temporary 'restless leg syndrome' making it very difficult to sit still.  You might want to try a dose of Dramamine before combining it with Eboka to be sure you don't get the same side effect.

I would like to see a Forum Topic dedicated to educating sitters.  Since I have not yet had Eboka and might have to enlist an 'amateur' sitter myself, due to financial reasons, it is a subject of considerable interest to me, too.

BTW, don't freak out when Tia asks if you are prepared to die after you're done puking copiously all over the floor  --  she does that to everyone (Hi Tia, love ya!).

Guess that's plenty for now.

Again, welcome to our humble Forum!

Your New Friend & Co-conspirator,

ET McKnight
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: harveyplex on December 05, 2009, 03:47:14 AM
thanks ET !
my monkey procured two .5 valiums because he heard it helps with naseua ,tremors or shaking and helping you in feeling  more comfortable or helping you stay still. it also helps with keeping your BP down . i read about this more than a couple times .
so far as extracting equipment goes  my monkey went out and got everything on cals list for a vinegar extraction.
my monkey has a fairly sharp head on his shoulders and a budget of about $30 that he can put towards proper extraxtion equipment or whats needed in the process. he has never done any extration procedure before either.
 he would like to make sure that this extract turns out as good as it can be.

can you maybe help him step by step with this ?
he would really like to do this before the new year begins for various reasons also.
he has taken into account that he could die in his quest and he is ok with that also .
he has spoken to his close friends and loved ones of what he is going to do and the risks involved - he has their blessings and is in many of their prayers now and will be untill this mission is completed.

he is open to various delivery methods of ibogaine also.
he has some empty 000 gel caps around in case he might be capping it up in them.

it is important to note also that my monkey hasnt had a drop to drink in 8 years !
he is very weary of consuming any more alcohol that he has to in order to do this but would rather avoid it all together if possible.
he really dosent want to have alcohol in his system ever if possible !
 i am burning the midnight oil right now and must get back to bed (sleep).i hope to hear from you again ET and i really appreciate the quick response. i hope i have answered all of your questions correctly.
i also look forward to the input of other members who might help my monkey in his quest to heal his mind .
thank you and goodnight - harvey plex

Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: harveyplex on December 05, 2009, 03:57:00 AM
one more thing ET ......my monkey has experimented a plenty with lsd ,mescaline,mushrooms and x .
he has taken large doses of the first 3 listed above.

goodnight fer real - harvey plex
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: x on December 05, 2009, 06:30:19 PM
Harveyplex! Hi!

You've written a bookful of questions, I will do my amateur best to answer them this weekend, and hope others jump in, too! In some years I'll look back on this I'm sure and laugh at my presumptuousness in dispensing a little experience and a lot of regurgitated info. Ah, well. It's still pertinent.

So, you prepared to die? (Eon, naughty!  ;))
Just kidding on that. Kind of. Make sure, please, that you can look someone face to face and say "I choose to live". No joke. For me, and I've heard for others, I was presented with the calm opportunity to leave this body and this life, and move on. I'z gotz kidz. I chose not to. But I was given the choice, and it was not unattractive.

Re extraction, basify. A friendly spirit on the interweb told me about how to do this very simply. I've told Cal, who can tell you, lol. I don't have the experience, there.

I'm sure, though you live in CO, your RB is being held for you in Canada or Mexico, and will stay there until you go there to dose, right? Cuz we all know this is a schedule one drug, and we are sweet law abiding sheeple.

No way to tell about your RB being the proper quantity. Where is it from? Strengths vary. Also, what you weigh will be a determining factor as well.

Check out the links section here and start reading, my friend. I like the admonitions and suggestions found on Rocky and Eric's site Awakening in the Dream House, and I like the spirit and info on the site I listed in links, myeboga.

Talk soon, and a warm welcome to you!!

peace and shittakes,
Tia ;D

Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: Calaquendi on December 06, 2009, 03:52:58 PM
Greetings to you Harvey plex! Great to see you made it over!!

Here is a great place to find answers to all the questions you pose - some real knowledgeable folks here, but know please that no one here claims to be an authority on this medicine - we're all here for each other though!

You can safely substitute valium for xanax and vise-versa. I think most if not all of the benzodiazepines are safe. As for dramamine, I really don't think it would harm but neither do I think you'll need it. Not everyone gets sick from eboka, but the ones who do - getting sick is a kind of purging of negative energies and such and no matter what, you shouldn't experience nausea the entire duration.

You and me have a great deal in common my friend, reading your intro post gave me goosebumps!!

If I remember correctly - you said on another forum that the bark you have is 5%? I think it may be the same as what I worked with...if this is the case, the 30g you procured should be enough for you to do what you wish to do with it. I'm working on an extraction soon myself, and I'll be using the same TA I always have (the vinegar tek) but this time I'll try basifying the resultant extract like Tia said...will let you all know how this goes!

Very good to have you here man...if I may counsel patience (that's a laugh!) you are on the last lap Harvey - so make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction, etc...

I'm out for now but will keep up with your progress!! Blessings Cal
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: x on December 08, 2009, 12:20:20 PM

Looks like between here and vox, most of your q's were addressed. How you doin' with all this new information?

Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: harveyplex on December 08, 2009, 04:21:20 PM
hi tia - and everybody else !
Things havent worked out as the person that was going to provide my monkey with the rootbark needed went back (from AZ) to Cali (never made it to my state to begin with but was going to be here "any day") yesterday and left my monkey and i without any hope. we are wishing on a miracle anymore . i dont think this is going to work out though . it was our only real shot at this and i dont think we will ever have that shot again. we are sad as sad can be . i did find out most of what i needed to know but to no avail.
i will keep you all posted on any further developments - but i doubt there will be any.
you sad and very let down friend and addict - harvey plex  :( !

Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: harveyplex on December 10, 2009, 12:49:27 PM
Hello everybody ,
it looks like things might work out for my monkey after all .
lets all say some prayers or just keep your fingers crossed for us !
thanks and i will keep you folks updated as this incredible adventure unfolds.
your pal -
harvey plex
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: x on December 10, 2009, 04:33:55 PM

Tell your monkey that Iboga works in wild ways. Seems to me that Iboga picks the time, not us mere humans. Er, primates.
Happy to hear it, my thoughts are with you!

Miz T
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: Calaquendi on December 10, 2009, 10:41:16 PM
Great news harveyplex! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you...good luck and God bless!
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: harveyplex on December 19, 2009, 07:27:30 AM
 I have been there  !!!
we did video , we got photos. we played bwitti music the whole time .
it been 6 days now and i am just starting to recover .
i didnt sleep for like 3 days afterward . it felt like a living dream.
my sleep is improved . many things have left me.
others have not.
everyday i feel better and better .
.... its just like all those stories you read , some are true .
i feel very blessed .
thanks cal .
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: fallout330 on December 19, 2009, 12:47:47 PM
Very nice harveyplex, congrats!  Was it up in Canada, Mexico or no comment....just curious?  Peace to you!
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: harveyplex on December 19, 2009, 02:59:41 PM
hey fallout -  it was here in the great united states  that  we did it . its my contitutional right .
with all the excuses made for wrong doings anymore there couldnt be something more important to do than what is right .
this is a decision that is very much between you and a higher power. i dont think that the laws of man apply to anything that is so divine. in my opinion everybody could use this . its not for everybody though. it goes on forever and the recovery time can take awhile to start after the experience .
my sitter (jp) will further our post and knowledge of our incredible homegrown tale.
all i have to say to anybody is that if you want this bad enough , if you need this  bad enough , it will find you .
it will happen to you. you just have to want it that badly really .
i  am so blessed since last monday and want to share it with all of you good people who helped me gain a foothold on something solid in the midst of a moving sea.
hold tight and get your root bark supply from somewhere just belive that this is your right and nothing bad is going to haqppen what you believe has so much to do with what you do . do the right thing and reap the benifeits of doing the right thing. i can ramble on and on anymore .
please if you(330) or others have any questions i would love to answer them.  i am going to send an invite to a friend who was my sitter  and get him to post his obseervations also. to answer 330s question i got root bark from somewhere and did a TA extratct, got my dose and went from there.
more later
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: Calaquendi on December 19, 2009, 06:45:50 PM
Well done harveyplex! Congratulations man. Looking forward to reading more.

I am a huge proponent of educated and reasonable adults' right to heal or better themselves in any way they see fit, so long as no one comes to any harm. Thanks for sharing man.
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: fallout330 on December 20, 2009, 11:40:14 AM
Interesting to hear of your experience harveyplex, sounds like you did a true hands on approach in regards to extracting the TA from the T. Iboga root.  Thanks for sharing that, nice to hear it is possible to have an experience in this manner.

Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: Indigo_JP on December 21, 2009, 02:04:16 AM
Hi Harvey Plex!  Hi Cal & everyone else!  JP here.  I was harvey plex's sitter during his expierence.  I will try to answer some of the questions you guys may have for me.   I would like to say thanks to Cal for all his wisdom and support. ;)
Title: Re: Hello Everybody !
Post by: x on December 21, 2009, 04:00:32 PM

I'm so glad all went smoothly, and I'd just flip to see the video iffin when you want to share it.
I felt, after my experience, that I would never be the same. So far, it's proved to be true. I am so happy, very and truly happy for you.
Please tell more when you are back among us mortals. ;)
Love to you.

Hi to JP, welcome!