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General Discussion / Re: The Iboga Experience - African Theme
« on: August 30, 2010, 09:46:03 PM »
Me, too!  I don't remember  hearing drumming, but there were two Bwiti tribesmen (I recognized their body and face paint) who took me to a clearing in the jungle and gave me a bucket of bark to eat.  As I was eating it they would give me tiny sips of water to help wash down the wood. About half way through the bucket we got up and started walking as I continued to eat.   The funny part is that later I complained to my wife and sitter about it.  I told them that it would have been easier if they had ground up the bark more.  My stomach felt torn up from eating that bark.  It took some convincing form me to remember that I had taken the medicine in capsule form.

Introductions / Re: One week after Ibo
« on: August 29, 2010, 06:58:02 PM »

I haven't checked out yet, but will.  I am familiar with Monsanto and their destruction of farms, farmers and food in general.  In my dream there was a very strong feeling that if the women took the medicine it would somehow protect them from being assimilated.  I'm not sure to what. 
This plant is so powerful yet very gentle at the same time.  While my physical body was being purged/cleansed in a very dramatic way, my psyche was having great adventures.  I barely remember being uncomfortable at all.  I feel more gentle, too. Now when I see chem trails being cris-crossed over this valley I don't become enraged. Instead, I say a Dr. Emoto type prayer to the atmosphere.  It is my responsibility to not get caught up in negative emotions.  To rise above and be part of the solution.  That's a big reason I decided to use Iboga.  See, I knew this information before, but would get so frustrated with myself for being angry that it would just make me angrier and that wasn't helping anything.  I am at peace now and it is my intention to keep forming new peaceful habits. 

Kumbaya :)


I was hoping to get some insight during my treatment as to the source of my "trauma".  During the vision stage of my flood dose I was seeing faces and objects appear before me, then disappear.  They were being screened through a sort of vintage video machine. Towards the end of that 6 hours, the machine broke and the visions ended.  I was quite disturbed that because the machine broke, I would never be able to find out what it was had I had witnessed or heard when I was a child. 
Going into the next stage, I hoped I would have a chance to fix the machine and see my truth. But it didn't happen quite like that.  During the next stage, when I had to be very still for 20ish hours, I had dreamed/visioned very differently.  These were very real. Like I was really there.  I was in Africa, where two shaman decked out in tribal paint and dress took me to a clearing in the jungle and administered my dose.  After that they said I was chosen to help them.  That, since I was American, I could more easily move medicine to those who needed it.  The next thing I remember is being in a place where many, many Central American women were gathering.  There were several tall pointy buildings (I think they were silos) with perfectly square enclosures all around them.  The women were bringing baskets of grains and seeds.  They would pour what they brought into the enclosures, then after waiting a very long time, go to the pointy buildings and their baskets would be filled with another kind of grain.  The women brought all kinds of grains and seeds, but there were only four things that replaced what they brought.  One variety of corn, one variety of rice, one variety of wheat and one other grain I didn't recognize. This was a bad place.  "they" were collecting up all of the indigenous foods and replacing them with gmo crap.   Some of the women would slip me medicine and I would redistribute to women who hadn't taken it yet.  It was very important that all of the women took the medicine.  Somehow it would keep them connected to the earth, their ancestors and truth.  I'm not sure how this is connected, but when I came out of the deep dreaming, my own trauma just didn't matter any more.  So, no, I don't know what caused my sadness and anger, but it is gone now and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Introductions / One week after Ibo
« on: August 22, 2010, 05:17:10 PM »

My name is Cindy.  I am 46 years old and one week ago I took Iboga. My life is very blessed.  I have a very nice home, a wonderful, supportive, very happy wife and the best friends a person could hope for.   I decided to do the treatment because I had spent most of my life being generally pissed-off for no particular reason.  I had seen therapists at different times since I was 14, most of whom attributed my behavior to an as yet undiscovered "childhood trauma" and/or hormone imbalance .  For many years I had been wishing for insight to the "trauma".  If I could name it than I could let it go.   Well, fast forward to a few months ago, my wife Jamie was researching alternative treatments for her alcoholic sister.  She discovered Iboga and studied how it works on the brain.  When I read about it's use for depression, it made perfect sense to me and I saw it as an answer to prayers.  We arranged for the my sister-in-law's treatment. In the mean time, I was coming around to the conclusion that I wanted the treatment, too.  In the end, she chickened out and I did it alone.  It was the most bizarre week in my life and i have zero regrets.  I am feeling a lot of emotion.  I have a childlike wonderment about almost everything.  I am seeing things from a re-born perspective.  Physically, I feel better, too.  little things like the catch in my ankle that's been there for years is gone.  My head feels clear and sharp and I once again have access to my creativity. I am very excited to see how the next year unfolds.

Love & Light to you all

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