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Title: Kangen Water
Post by: lightswitchedon on April 09, 2012, 09:34:11 PM
Has anyone else tried this?  I drink 100oz or more H20 per day and 75% of this has been Kangen for the last two weeks.  The immediate benefit that I am seeing is a more youthful look and there are others that I know who look 10 years younger after a few months of drinking this water.  It must do something.  They (Enagic) promote the water's high alkalinity and anti-oxidant properties.  I am starting to become a believer, although I don't fully understand the biological workings.


P.S. - I do not subscribe to everything on this guys website, I just thought the Kangen Water portion to be relevant.
Title: Re: Kangen Water
Post by: olio on April 10, 2012, 02:06:09 PM
Yeah from what I've tasted it's a good system but I don't think it compares to living spring water. Access to good water should be a top priority in everyone's life, that tap water shit is dirty. The Kangen is expensive but awesome, spring water is top tier and makes you feel high just from drinking it but not everyone has access to a spring, findaspring.com helps a lot, if there's none close by and you can't afford the Kangen I recommend the Santevia filter, it attempts to emulate the Earth's filtration process and makes some really tasty water (tastes very noticeably clean, better than any brita filter or anything I've tried) and they're quite cheap.
Title: Re: Kangen Water
Post by: evolutionofone on April 21, 2012, 04:43:58 PM
I was drinking Kangen water around a month before I stopped suboxone & about 1 month afterwards, though I felt so crappy in that period that it wasn't really possible to notice any benefits. My roommate at the time had one of the Kangen systems, they are very expensive though. Myself & most other people would not have the money to invest in one.  In that period, I saw water-testing demonstrations between Kangen & other tap & bottled waters. Believe it or not, as far as acidity levels etc. every bottled water was always bad. Tap water was the best out of everything besides the Kangen water. At this time all I really drink is tap water. Spring water is great but not accessible for most of us. It sounds like that Santevia filter is probably the most affordable/realistic option for good water.
Title: Re: Kangen Water
Post by: rez_runner on June 10, 2013, 04:14:23 PM
My dad drinks kangen water and swears by it.  I guess it gave him the shits for a good week which probably cleansed the hell out of him, but who knows it could just be placebo effect.  Paid over 2 grand for that machine so I hope it was worth it
Title: Re: Kangen Water
Post by: zingdoozer on October 28, 2016, 04:49:28 PM
There are alternatives to Kangen. They are super expensive because of their marketing.

Jupiter is a great cheap alternative ioniser that's 1/3rd the price and does the same job.