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Title: Took about 500-600 mg of TA
Post by: I-man on November 09, 2015, 08:44:12 AM
Last week I took about 500 mg of TA maybe a little more. Wanted to test the waters without doing a full flood to see how I reacted having been sick from psych drugs for a long time. I had some ringing in my ears, felt very calm, almost tired, had some deep thoughts, thought about things in my past I hadn't thought about, I kind of felt like visions were close, but not there. First impression was that it was very gentle and soothing, but not too much psychedelia to speak of, although later in the day, I felt like I was mildly tripping, key word being mild.

Is this a normal reaction? Do I maybe have a higher natural tolerance? I think I was expecting a little bit more from this type of dose. Trying to get an idea of how much TA to take for my flood. I trust my source, more of less, not IW and he is known for quality product but I have no basis for comparison. Does this mean I may need a slightly higher dose for a flood? I was thinking maybe 2.5 g of TA. I am about 77 kg. I may just buy a gram of Hcl and mix in some TA to dose more precisely, I have also heard that TA prolongs the qt interval more than the Hcl so maybe that's the way to go.

Took another 200 mg a few days later and I have felt great. Haven't been drinking at all, which is rare for me. Haven't had a week break in over a year and a half. Felt much more like I had a choice about doing it and had very few cravings. So far the experience has been positive and very cleansing.

Thanks in advance. 
Title: Re: Took about 500-600 mg of TA
Post by: Calaquendi on November 09, 2015, 11:40:29 PM
Hey man -

your reaction sounds exactly spot on to me...at least that is about the response I have come to expect for myself from most TA's - I do not think you are especially refractory or that you need concern yourself about flood dosing insofar as not having enough on board. If you reacted so to the half gram you did, two and a half grams stacked closely together [within say 90 min to 2 hrs] should put you deep enough in 'the land' for your initial journey.

It is ALWAYS smart to proceed with the utmost caution with any form of this material, it can go south in a nano-second and then its all blue Mondays man. Ease into the Journey - so far so good, I like your approach its respectful of the Medicine and respectful of yourself as well. This is Good...

I would like to extend a word of caution to you friend, and that simply is: please just stick to the TA OR ibogaine for your flood [especially your first] do not mix them dude....in my experience - and it is substantial both in bio-assay and in sitting for others - this combination has proven to present the most problems, both in frequency and severity. Not to say its not a worthy endeavor, it is - but it is also the Grand Poo Bah mondo-mofa super trip, and actually IMO - for most purposes its basically unnecessary roughness...certainly I will almost always caution the neophyte away from such an experience in their first few outings with Eboka because using a good clean TA or Wood or ibogaine hydrochloride alone will always in itself do the trick if all is done correctly. Just saying - mitigate any and all unnecessary risks beforehand and widen your safety margin as much as possible - this will not only insure you have the best possible chance of clear clean hassle-free experience, it will also go far , I believe, with the Medicine itself because indeed showing such respect reflects fractally in the experience proper - the Wood likes it when we take such care in our preparations.

I am excited for you and I get a goodd feeling that you will do well with your explorations. Keep up the good attitdue and never ever rush anything around doing this - such things that seem to press us for time or interrupt our own 'schedules' regarding these ambitions - they are there for a reason I think. At least I have learned to treat these things so and any time I act outside of those principles I am sure as shit sorry....

Enough from the pulpit - thanks for being here man and keep the forum posted on your progress - Good vibes mate ~Cal
Title: Re: Took about 500-600 mg of TA
Post by: I-man on November 12, 2015, 09:25:44 AM
Thanks for such a kind and positive response cal. I really appreciate it man.

So I've taken a total of around .9 g over about an eight day period.  I haven't had a drink in 10 days which seemed impossible to me for a while. I've even had some stressful and frustrating things happen and haven't drank and feel like I don't want to. Very few cravings. Still using pot but it has been much less anxiogenic and been more enjoyable overall. I don't particularly feel compelled to quit using that atm, its not something I feel is detrimental to my life. The addiction part of it was appealing to me but I have other reasons for using iboga aside from its addiction potential.

I feel like I am coming back to life in a lot of ways. I am experiencing real joy again that isn't synthetic or fake in any way. I'm experiencing feelings that I thought had escaped me. Good feelings I haven't felt since childhood. I get such pleasure just from listening to music, it gives me goosebumps and I am really starting to feel again. I am recovering from the drug zyprexa that I was taking for alleged bipolar depression. The diagnosis doesn't hold much weight with me and none of the drugs helped very much. I responded to zyprexa but only after years of other pharms. I was having a lot of problems physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt defeated and had started dabbling in opiates again here and there. Been sick for around 14 months now and a lot of that was pure hell, pure fucking hell man. Some of the stuff may not go away, Im not entirely sure yet, but I am feeling 1000 times better, I do know that and much healthier. I am still having some issues but improving at an exponential rate and feeling better than I have in years. 

The first week I was a little over stimulated and scatter brained but that's subsiding. I am sure getting off of the booze was part of that. I am starting to sleep better now. Feeling more tired, which is fantastic bc I haven't been sleeping well for a long time. Most of the time I am wide awake and my brain won't shut off. I feel much more grounded, centered, and calm.

Overall I am feeling much less scared than I was about a flood. I have pretty extensive experience with psychedelics, but have been too fragile from whatever happened with zyprexa to trip. That feeling isn't very desirable to me anymore, had one too many waltzes with madness. There was a component to the zyprexa situation that felt like a many months long bad trip that may have something to do with the 5ht-2a antagonism. It took a lot out of me. I am not really interested in anything that is going to shatter my mind into a million pieces, I don't think that would be good for me right now. I know this will be intense and difficult but I feel good and confident about it. I would like to go deeper in this journey bc I think I am going to get a lot out of it.

I am going to give it some more time, and give myself some more time to heal but I will heed your advice about sticking just with one or the other. I also want to let some of the noribogaine get out of my system. I have around 3 grams left, maybe I should take a little more than 2.5 g? I am not physically hooked on anything right now besides a little gabapentin that I take once a day (tapering off of that too). No interaction with ibogaine for me. It has no effect on serotonin, dopamine, or nor-epinephrine, its a selective calcium channel blocker and may have an indirect effect on gaba with long term use but there is some controversy about that. The provider said it was around 50-60% so 2.5 g should still be around 16-19 mg/kg. I thought that sounded about the right range. It seems people take a lot more than that though and want to go deep enough to fully heal all this baggage I carry around.

Anyway, things are going well, I am sure there is more that I would like to say about it, its kind of hard to put into words but I am feeling fantastic!

Cheers mate. 
Title: Re: Took about 500-600 mg of TA
Post by: RhythmSpring on November 12, 2015, 12:23:07 PM
Yeah, 500mg TA is far from a flood dose. It's sort of like going halfway. Your experience sounds spot on for that amount.
Title: Re: Took about 500-600 mg of TA
Post by: Calaquendi on November 21, 2015, 06:30:17 AM
Solid stuff I-man!

Everything you say sounds right as rain my friend, it is always prudent to take these things incrementally as you are doing, especially if one is deliberating a deep change in a long held medicinal protocol [your Zyprexa for instance]

I am also with you re: gabapentin, you've done good homework...still, there are those I know of who would caution against any concomitant use of Neurontin and iboga, but in my experience they totally miss each other. I have found gabapentin useful following heavy ibo sessions. Good work mate keep us up :)