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Title: untitled
Post by: brother on December 03, 2010, 01:11:25 PM
I did not know I'd die today
it started just the same
sleep's temporal sanctity
yielding to mundane
and merciless awakening
chaos and the light
strip from me serenity
and comfort of the night
still I rise and leave my bed
loathe to face the day
and all it's labyrinthine rats
lost within the maze
redundant toil waits for me:
my journey through the sphere
I'm lost in thought and questioning
why the fuck I'm here
I struggle with non-answers
I suppose just like the rest
when suddenly I feel as if
I'm hammered in the chest
gripped by panic's mighty fist
I can't taste the air
it's strange how fast it's ended
it's stranger I don't care