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Eboka Talk / Re: Dosage for therapy (& how to get 'insights') ADVISE PLEASE
« on: November 11, 2011, 01:47:37 PM »
so in short you are saying that more is better?

see the thing is that the first time we used ibogaine hcl from sacrament of transition/marko. good experiences with him! the second time, like i said, we used 3,5g TA extrakt from IW combined with (or rather, the two days before he consumed) 10g of Maya-ethn/ rootbark, also reliable stuff.i assume your comment on 10mg/kg and not being able to move a finger was rather metaphorical?

what are your recommendations? going for more? currently we have ibogaine hcl from marko/SoT and are aiming at somewhere between 1-1,5g, i.e. between 12mg/kg and 18mg/kg.. but are not sure yet whether to go for the latter or the former, or somewhere in between. initially, we thought of going all the way since he is experienced with other things and also these two experiences and wants to go "all the way". on the other hand, he is definitely not only in the need of the physiological healing, but also the spiritual one, by which i mean the visions and insights..

Eboka Talk / Re: Dosage for therapy (& how to get 'insights') ADVISE PLEASE
« on: November 11, 2011, 05:42:52 AM »
thanks for the answer!

i am a little confused now, what iboga-zone event are you refering to? the first time he did around 800mg of ibogaine hcl and HAD tiny bits of "insights" (very few and not overly visionary) he was even able to walk around, although it was difficult and i had to watch closely. it was quite at the end of the trip, which was already after 16 hours or so (maybe a bit more) and he seemed quite conscious and psychologically-alive but wanted to lay down and close his eyes in order to think about stuff as he was drawn to it.

the other time, with the ca 3,5g of TA extract (he also consumed roughly 10g of maya-ethn root bark over the two days before that), there was never such a state. he was in bed, i felt how the iboga was heavy on his body and mind and it was really more akin to being sick. i did not interpret this as a negative sign at first, as i expected it to simply be an expression of the intensity of the trip. yet, it simply ended like that, the 'feeling terrible' according to him lasted all the way to the end of the trip (which was overall 2-3 days for the rough things) and simply faded out, no feeling of "rebirth", no light-feeling or feeling drawn to thinking about himself etc.. no mind-stuff, no insights. it seemed as if this phase never started OR was overlapped by the intensity.
in the second case, i did not explicitly check his pulse, because he seemed "fine" (considering he took ibogaine and taking into account the amount). he was definitely able to raise his hand and to sit up in the bed on its own if need be, altough he very much avoided doing so and it was not an easy task. a lot more difficult than the first time, but still doable. walking would not have been possible, clearly.
yet, he claims that it was so intense, that he can't remember big portions of the trip. he compared it to being comatose at times, which is surprising to me because although he was highly intoxicated i was not worried and he did not seem to have "lost control" or anything (again, considering its an ibogaine trip). my personal guess was that maybe due to the lack of visions and mind-stuff/thinking, he simply couldn't remember parts because if you are laying in bed for 2 or so days and don't do anything in such a state you simply do not remember everythng; comparable to being ill, in bed with fever, where i, personally, usually don't remember too much which is not due to the fever itself but due to the strain on the body and mind that makes the mind not care about the unimportant things. to make it short: i was of the opinion that he should have remembered anything important if there was something important.

now, trying to take into account his feelings as to the intensity and not-remembering, i was wondering whether it simply was too much. also, i skipped over a few posts here on the forum where people talk about 15mg/kg for a visionary dose and specifically address the issues of intensity and not-remembering in too high doses; yet, i also found posts to the opposite, which great visions at 20+mg/kg and saying that a flood dose is more effective at visionary experiences than other things. people seem to be not entirely agreeing on this issue, although who knows whether this particular issue was adressed..
also, i was surprised because my experience with ibogaine was that the mind-stuff was easy to access.. and my doses have been in the 15mg/kg range, but i felt that it could go beyond that and would increase the mind-part. his situation surprised me somewhat and i am now not sure what to recommend him..

assuming that iboga-worlds TA extract is fine, the other option may be that he simply did not respond to full iboga as well as to ibogaine hcl..

please tell me what you think

Eboka Talk / Dosage for therapy (& how to get 'insights') ADVISE PLEASE
« on: November 09, 2011, 06:35:51 PM »

I myself have had an ibogaine trip quite a while ago and had roughly 14mg/kg (non-addicted) and had towards the mid-end of the trip a few hours lasting "insights" & "visions", i guess you all know what im talking about. it was medium intense, no "movies" but rather like photos flipping from my past and thoughts that came up related or non-related.. generally a good sense of insights into the nature of life and suffering etc etc

now, i sitted a friend of mine who had roughly 10mg/kg ibogaine hcl as a post-depression therapy kind of thing. overall it was a positive experience, he felt "reborn" and the last tad of depression vanished for quite a while. however, insight wise (or you could even say spiritually) there was very little. a few unique thoughts here and there, that was it.

he was interested in gaining insights and therefore after a few months he did some more. it was roughly 3.5-4g of TA extract from ibogaine world, which is said to equal around 1-1,5g ibogaine as far as i am aware. also after consulting the people there, they confirmed it would suffice. however, apart from the experience being a lot more heavy on the body and a lot less satisfying (i.e. lacking the sense of "rebirth"), there was no visions whatsoever.

now we are planning to do the next session, this time with ibogaine hcl. initially we were aiming at 17-18mg/kg but are now wondering whether the lack of visions the previous time could be due to the (bodily, but also psychological) intensity of the previous trip. the question is: is more better? is 15mg/kg or less better for insights, or rather more? he does not mind the bodily intensity as such, but is now worried that maybe he doesn't have any visions or can't remember them due to the high intensity? or maybe the TA extract simply wasn't working? what do you think would be a good dose for visions? is more better?

Eboka Talk / Rectal administration - help & advice needed
« on: October 31, 2011, 05:42:42 AM »
hey there
im about to prepare a flood (literally haha) for a friend. after two experiences using the conventional methods, we decided to look into rectal administration as it was a strenuous puking experience, and a loss of material. the latter being the predominant reason for choosing rectal admin, we are wondering how to go about that.
there is some experience with this method, but not much. an enema beforehand is advisable as far as i understand it. the details are somewhat unclear: is ibogaine hcl readily soluble in water? how much is needed for lets say 1g? how much water should you use, and what amount not to exceed (to prevent a feeling of mud-butt)? is it totally necessary for it to dissolve? syringe?
most of these questions are not really overly important, as we have a rough idea; however, the amount/solubility of water is something we really need advise on.


Eboka Talk / Iboga and DMT or DPT - advise
« on: February 18, 2011, 11:15:35 AM »

A friend of mine wants me to trip sit him. He has had a flood before once, but a rather weak one. Enough to call it a flood though, I'd say. Maybe because it was Iboaine HCL only and thus lacking certain elements that I'd deem necessary for it to be called a proper flood.
Anyways, he wants to do it again some time soon and is considering to mix it with either DMT or DPT. We'd go low on the dose, hes experienced, and all precations are taken. The question is rather: when? When do take it? He does not really want to use it somewhere in the middle and get a full blown DMT or DPT trip, just for it to fade out and the iboga trip fade in again, but rather a subtile low dose, that somehow adds to the iboga trip. So, thats why we'd probably go for DTP as its effects are longer and not as intense (compared to the 10 or so minutes extremes of DMT). We'd go for quite low oral dosage, dosage that'd be considered "too low" if one were sober, or just "try-out" dosages. At what time of the iboga trip is the right time? The first phase of ... well.. "waiting", i.e. the bodily phase? or rather the dreaming phase? or in between those two? afterwards? right now I'd tend to the phase in between the bodily phase and the dreaming phase, in order to enhance the dreaming phase of the iboga and do re-inforce the good / strong / pronounced effects of it, in order to more clearly show him what needs to be shown, so to speak
what do you guys think?

General Discussion / Iboga & Ibogaine Collection Torrent
« on: June 12, 2010, 10:33:47 AM »
A collection of Videos, Literature and Pictures of Iboga, Ibogaine and the Bwiti with a focus on the anti-addictive and healing properties of Ibogaine.

Ibogaine/Iboga has been shown to possibly help treating Addiction (Nicotine, Opioids, Opiates, Crack, Cocaine, Alcohol, Kratom, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, etc.), Depression, Anxiety and other psychological or psychosomatic diseases as well as to help spiritual seekers.

==================== |||-----Table of Contents:-----|||====================

----|?___Movies & Videos___?|----
+ Movies (7 files):
-Facing the Habit
-Iboga Therapy House
-Ibogaine - Rite of Passage
-Ibogaine Therapy
-One Life - Detox or Die
-The Prince of Pot and Ibogaine Therapy
-Ibogaine - The ENDABUSE Report

+ News Clips (7 files)
+ Scientific/Ethnopharmacologic Videos & Reports (22 files)
+ Testimonies & Experience Reports (31 files)
+ Videos on Bwiti Culture & Iboga Usage (10 files)

+ eBooks (12 files):
-Ibogaine - Proceedings from the First International Conference
-Alkaloids - Chemistry and Biology of Ibogaine (Chps.11-16)
-Pharmacodynamics and Therapeutic Applications of Iboga and Ibogaine
-Ibogaine Therapy: A Uncontrolled Experiment?
-Breaking Open the Head - Daniel Pinchbeck
-Drug-Abuse Handbook
-Drug Metabolism in Pharmaceuticals
-Fear and Loathing - On The Campaign Trail '72
-Psychedelics Encyclopedia (3rd Edition) - Stafford, Peter
-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies
-Hallucinogenic Plants - A Golden Guide
-Timothy_Leary_-_The_Psychedelic_Experience NOT DIRECTLY IBOGA RELATED

+ Manuals & FAQs Usage and Treatment with Iboga (13 files)
e.g.: -forms and dose regimen
-the big iboga FAQ
-How to make an Extract
-Iboga Therapy Guiding Principles
-Manual for Ibogaine Therapy
-Treatment of Acute Opioid Withdrawal with Ibogaine
-Treatment with for opioids, alcohol, stimulants and benzodiazepines

+ Bwiti Culture & Iboga Usage (8 files)
+ Newspapers and Magazine Articles (33 files)
+ more than 350 Scientific Articles on Iboga, Ibogaine and related
e.g.: -Assessment of neurotoxicity of ibogaine testing and brain imaging
-Derivatves of the ibogaine alkaloids
-Facilitation of Memory Retrieval by the 'Anti-addictive' Alkaloid Ibogaine
-Fatalities after taking ibogaine
-18-Methoxy-Coronaridin-studies (25)
-Patents relating to Ibogaine
-Ibogaine neurotoxicity- a re-evaluation
-Ibogaine therapy - Addictions - New approaches to Treatment
-Life after Ibogaine - An exploratory study of the long-term effects of ibogaine
-Mechanisms of Anntiaddictive Actions of Ibogaine
-The ibogaine medical subculture
-TiHKAL on Ibogaine

The .PDF files have to be opened with Adobe Acrobat (Reader).
You can download it for free here:

+ Ibogaine Related Pictures
+ Ibogaine inspired Art
+ Bwiti/Tribal photographs
+ Iboga (plant & preparation) pictures

Also see the provided .txt files for further Links, Videos, Information etc.

Enjoy. And please help against the drug slavery that can destroy our society.

Ibogaine treatment can be done safely in an clinical setting, Dr Deborah Mash have safely treated more than 400 persons in her clinic. It is very important to realise that the ibogaine treatment is not for everyone and that the exclusions criteria has to be followed rigorously, like with other very potent medicines in general.

In case you consider doing a treatment, please consult the provided Videos and Literature and do extensive research and spend time thinking about this. THERE ARE DANGERS AND RISKS TO IBOGAINE TREATMENT, but they can be minimized if certain things are paid attention to. Do not treat yourself. Do your research. Do know what you are doing!

This torrent is the 3rd update of the previous torrent "Death drugs and a possible solution" as well as "IBOGA ebook and video collection about ibogaine". Please do not continue seeding these, instead seed this new torrent. It features a lot more and up to date articles (till early 2010), more ebooks, more Movies and Videos (especially testimonials) as well as pictures and an update link structure. Also, several files have been reduced in size while keeping the same quality, and the formats have been changed to .avi for better compatibility (no real-player files). Also the filenames and folder-structure has been overhauled for easier use.

PLEASE SEED THIS TORRENT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. This torrent may potentially and actually save peoples lifes or change them for the better. No one looses money through this torrent, no Music CDs and Cinema Movies are provided, there is no risk for you. However, seeding this will help keep this torrent alive and provide information to the people who need it.
Thank you.


SEED AS LEAST AS MUCH AS YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED...PLEASE! 'If we all seed just 1:1, give at least what we take, this torrent will NEVER DIE'
Please seed as much as possible.

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