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Micro-Dosing / Re: Started microdosing. Questions and advice sought
« on: July 07, 2018, 05:38:54 PM »
You are not really supposed to mix Iboga with anything.  I have almost no experience with MDing, just floods.  Hopefully someone else can give you more insight. 

If you are not sleeping, I would dial back, skip a day, because we detox between 9pm - 11pm more than any interval, but it only happens if we are asleep.  Eventually, enough nights with lack of restful sleep will leave you further imbalanced. 

Be flexible, listen to your intuition, skip doses/days, reduce doses, smile, and breathe.   

Micro-Dosing / Re: Questions about other meds before microdosing
« on: June 28, 2018, 08:31:10 PM »
Welcome OdysseyIII

You are not addicted, but you sure are on a lot of items.  Better to wait two weeks with the amps, so maybe at least another week for you.  Kratom is tough, I flooded for Kratom and it does not really block anything.  The experience was one of the worst I have ever had..nothing like the previous floods for fast acting, like vicodin. 

MDing and a good heart you should be fine. 

If I am you, I would wait one more week and not take any Kratom. 
Kava is also very hard on the liver so I definitely would avoid it as well. 

And you may not be able to work while MDing.  This is the father we are talking about. 
At first it will likely be fine, however, if you do it daily then  the accumulation will inevitably take you beyond a tipping point.  If you ate a gram of RB a day, you'd likely feel something by day 3 or 4 (but tough to tell with varying biochemistry). 

Again, welcome and feel free to message me if you rather anytime.  Peace. 

Eboka Talk / Re: Iboga and therapy
« on: June 22, 2018, 08:34:56 AM »
Hey everyone,

I'm happy to have found this site where people can share their experiences with Iboga. It is a truly amazing plant that seems relatively unknown, in comparison to other plant medicines. I think this is due to the difficulty of the experience that puts people off, as well as the difficulty in describing the experience afterwards.

Anyway, I took part in an iboga ceremony 3 months ago and I'm integrating the experience. These months have been hard but theyve led me to a lot of changes i needed to make in my life. Its like I'm constantly discovering new blockages in my psyche and learning to grow through them. I'm very guided by the truth that I now know.

One of the things I realized is my need for therapy. I have always bottled up emotions and "dealt with things" in silence. I really isolated myself from other. During my iboga experience I was shown the need for community and sharing, something I think is central to a lot of african cultures. And also something we have largely lost touch with in the West, where individualism is prized over community. I realize now I need others, and they need me. We as humans require intimate and honest connection.

To the point of my post. I have started therapy because there are things i just need to get off my chest. I can't keep them inside anymore. What is your experience with counseling? Did you find therapy hindered your experience with Iboga at all, as in creating more problems by talking rather than letting go of the "problem"? How did you find therapy works with Iboga? Necessary? Unnecessary? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading and again, I'm happy to be a part of this  online community :)

Hello Andreas and Welcome aboard!  Thanks for sharing.

Here's my thought on this.  It's completely subjective.  What does your gut tell you?
Searching for these answers from outside of you is less true than following your instinct, when it comes to matters so personal, complex, and intimate.

I isolate too, so you are not alone in an active effort to go against the grain and design that sense of community in life. 
I think it ties into heart health.

If we know what we want then we just need to go get it.  No need to dwell in the past when today and tomorrow have so much more to offer.  I think I am hearing your doubt in therapy and I agree!  If you doubt it than choose something else! 

Again, welcome goodsir!   I'll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite books,

“The continuing struggle was once described in the following metaphor by a patient who had successfully completed a long course of psychotherapy: 'I came to therapy hoping to receive butter for the bread of life. Instead, at the end, I emerged with a pail of sour milk, a churn, and instructions on how to use them.' (138)”
? Sheldon B. Kopp, If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him: The Pilgrimage Of Psychotherapy Patients

Staying Clean / Re: Pranayama & meditation
« on: June 09, 2018, 08:39:31 PM »
Man, this was my kind of topic.  Been talking about the power of chanting Sat Nam here for awhile, and it seemed to fall upon deaf ears.  Would love to revive it.. thanks for posting this even it was some time ago.   

Staying Clean / Re: Desert Island Supplements
« on: June 09, 2018, 08:35:19 PM »
As far as Magnesium, I get the Epsom Salts 8lb bag for $5 at Walmart.  I don't know if you absorb magnesium through your skin well, but it's great for my back tension.

My friend from NYC sells a magnesium stick that you can charge up in distilled water and get magnesium that way.  Infographics and Youtube DIY videos here:


It's for this reason that I wish I had a great tub to create some healing baths.  Right now I still deal the bullshit of low cost city living.  One day, in due time. 

One cool method, that's free, is changing your water to the fourth phase, which resembles a gel-like substance more bio-active form by stirring it or chilling it.  That's it.  It's closer to the type of water our mitochondria use.  Very heady stuff. 

I think the main takeaway is that hydration is an uphill battle, so best to find ways to get ahead if anti-aging is the goal. 
It's not just about how much water we drink, but the type of water and the electrical potential of our cells...their ability to hold an electrical charge. 

I am a big fan of having a good healthy electrolyte powder mix that is not too high in sugar.  This is one good way to stay hydrated.  There are many others.  I could do a thread on hydration alone.    Hope all is well Skinny!  Getting back to balance can be a lifelong battle, right?  Good to know we are not in it alone. 

Staying Clean / Desert Island Supplements
« on: June 03, 2018, 04:21:02 PM »
#1) Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium. 
I cannot imagine who would not benefit from daily use. 

More is needed during stress or physical exercise. 
This stuff is gold in terms of long term health gains. 

Magnesium controls about 300 different functions in the body that equate to about 1800 other biochemical functions, from supporting nerves to muscles.  It's my #1, and is for other medical professionals I have been able to learn from. 

Staying Clean / Re: Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Lifestyle
« on: June 02, 2018, 09:35:09 PM »
Did you count your macros?  Because, if not, then you didn't do keto. 

IF and Keto are cousins that compliment each other. 

Liver and gallbladder have to be good before one goes keto.  Took me 6 months of adjusting my liver to the high fat...anyway, sounds crazy, I get it.  That's because it is! 

Suggestions & Comments / Re: Why is Eboka Dying?
« on: June 02, 2018, 01:54:18 PM »
With all this talk about the father / mother spirits, it's interesting to see how someone life changes after they either have to take care of an aging biological member of their family.  Or if they get married and have a kid.  In my case it was my own mother while going through my own physical/mental problems.

I like these forums very much still, but if there are no people discussing it's like talking to a wall.  :-\

I plan on upgrading my computer technology and v-logging my own iboga flood with a caring sitter.  I live in Florida still and haven't found the right person.  It's been almost 10 years since my last flood!


Skinny, I can't imagine what that was like.  I am in that field now, senior care, but still removed and not a primary caregiver.  I have the utmost respect for it from what I have seen caregivers go through.

I am not one to talk to walls, and probably was for awhile here.  That's okay, it served it's purpose, which is constantly revealing itself.

I did a couple video logs of my first flood before, during and after..and am glad I did.  It's a good thing to document if you consider it to be significant.  Maybe one day I will share with you.  Let's stay in touch.  Eboka does not have to die.  It can have a slow drone heart beat with folks as involved as they can be. 

Something drew me back time I'll know why. 

San Pedro is something I'd love to learn more about.  I have some questions.  We should start a thread if there isn't one already. 


Yesterday, day 5, I increased the dose to 70 mg and felt not different to the other days. Today I’ll take a day off MD just to see how it is.

How's it going?  Did this protocol end up being a positive thing for your depression?

Suggestions & Comments / Re: Why is Eboka Dying?
« on: June 01, 2018, 07:29:30 PM »
I stopped coming on here due to a few reasons, one of them was a major falling out with lalababa. 

I am not going into the details, but it was overwhelming so I decided it was easiest to part ways with her Eboka since she spent a lot of time here. 
She and I were friends and then she changed really quickly after falling off the wagon.  I started to drift away from everyone I had met through this site.

I still chat with JohnnyBGoode. 
Just poking my head in to see if it's worth another go.  I always enjoy helping others, and am still in the world of health and wellness.   

Eboka introduced me to folks around the world, and was a huge outlet for me in during a freaky time in life that I am grateful to be past.  It's good to circle back. 

Introductions / Re: Iboga for 90G Kratom addiction.
« on: June 01, 2018, 07:19:03 PM »
Synesthete, I flooded a little TA and HCL combo when I tried to detox for Kratom.  It was brutal. 
I was in a lot of detox pain while tripping, pretty violent shaking and sweating, as opposed to on previous floods (coming off of vicodin) where the worst of it was successfully interrupted.
Kratom is not an opiate in the same way as short acting opiates, like vicodin.  It's either an agonist or an antogonist, I can't remember, which one.  But that makes it act more like a long lasting opiate in the body. 

How long before last dose are you considering flooding? 

I would wait 3 weeks - 3 months....titrate to this point then break for this period first to avoid such a rough experience.  There was almost no info on it when I did this a couple years ago, and I was scared shitless.  But I was also desperate to get off Kratom.  You can always look back for my Kratom posts, as they may have some valuable insights.  I flooded 4 times in one year (never needed to again), and the 4th was the Kratom one.  This was several years ago and is documented here on our lovely forum. 

I have been gone for awhile and have recently returned to the forum for some odd reason.  You may always PM me if needed. 

Staying Clean / Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Lifestyle
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:25:26 AM »
Anyone familiar?

It cures all chronic disease..

Let me know if folks want more info...

Introductions / Re: Iboga for 90G Kratom addiction.
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:15:58 AM »
I really hope this dude is okay. 

I also did it for Kratom extract and leaf on my 4th flood...and it worked a fraction of the amount the HCL did for my first flood. 

Kratom is rough stuff.  Fuck that shit. 

Compost Pile / 5-Meo Hello!
« on: May 29, 2018, 11:58:50 PM »
Haven't posted in a while..   My bad as a moderator, I will try and change that.  My job keeps me relatively busy, as my role is still new to me. 

..and I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this.  If I do, Cal, I am so sorry in advance, please just delete the post. 

Either way, miss you lots, miss the forum, and hope all is well in the world!  Glad to be back and to help folks in maintaining the afterglow through good lifestyle choices!  I am sort of a nutritionist for those who don't know me or who have yet to meet me. 

Anyway, please PM me if you can help me.  Looking for healing. 

With Love,  BT


From a glance at your post, and a warm welcome to you, it seems as if some silly cybon would do you better if "fear extinction" as you put it is the goal.  This is just from what we are seeing with tests on PTSD patients in some recent research...

I will try to find the link to the article...

Mushrooms are a lot less taxing on the body than Iboga, typically.  Iboga should be viewed more often as a last resort, IMHO. 

Blue T

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