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Eboka Cultivation / Re: Looking for Fresh Iboga Seeds
« on: July 16, 2015, 04:47:28 PM »
If these seeds are round pod and still up for grabs I have a huge collection of species of interest to trade!


Eboka Cultivation / Re: introducing my iboga plants
« on: July 16, 2015, 04:32:52 PM »
Thanks for the offer man! I hadn't stopped in here for awhile. Still have not located round pod iboga seeds. Spoke to a guy whom has some and he promised someday to send some if he ever gets fruits. My plants still profusely flower with no set. After much research I've figured its the age. I've heard other growers say theirs flowered constantly for years until 4-5 years old until they finally set fruit. Mine are close...probably over three years old or pretty damn close to three years.

Still growing it but still not yet actually tried iboga. Due to being in the states I cannot find a source. Furthermore I'd rather source from ethically harvested suppliers if that's even possible. Funny thing was I tried to go to iboga world to see if they'd ship and they said yes. So I promptly went to buy but didn't realize my card had a fail safe against large over seas charges! So shortly after I thought I had bought my bark I got a call from the bank asking if I had made a large purchase to iboga world over seas! So I said nope what's that stuff and had them cancel it lol! After that I've had cold feet about trying again...

Eboka Cultivation / Re: introducing my iboga plants
« on: July 17, 2014, 08:02:20 AM »
They aren't setting any pods being set but they are still flowering like crazy. Maybe there isn't a particular pollinator around here for them. I'd figure once more and more flowers open at once maybe it will attract the pollinators. Flowers are pretty deep and small or I'd try self pollinating them. Was not wanting to hurt the flowers in case they set pods but so far nothing.

Eboka Cultivation / Re: introducing my iboga plants
« on: June 28, 2014, 06:11:15 PM »
New update! They grow up so fast...
A year old and...

Signed! Will spread!

Sorry cannot really comment here due to not having ever done iboga. I want to really really bad someday.

I just mainly wanted to say I enjoyed the link you shared it was very interesting. I can't truly speak on the validity of those theories but they seem to me in general as if they are pretty on par even if its theoretically. It certainly helped to attempt to put things in a good perspective for me. Thanks

Eboka Cultivation / Re: introducing my iboga plants
« on: June 01, 2014, 05:33:15 PM »
Pic update :)

Same batch of seeds yielded two very distinctive plants!

I know you said you don't like iboga. Maybe your not supposed to necessarily "like" it but deal and or respect it. From reading the others posts whom seem to have been preaware of your actions it is fairly clear that you didn't go about doing iboga correctly in terms of how you went about obtaining it and possibly lying to get money for it....seriously. It probably doesn't like you is the more realistic notion. Sorry to say that but it might help for you to hear that. Its also weird to hear you once loved it now your out to get it so to speak. Sounds mostly like your fault to me...just my personal opinion from the info your putting out. Are you not aware aya can do the same kind of mind fuck to you too? Its pretty intense too but its all good right aya didn't do that to you yet. Perhaps someday it will and you'll be all over the nexus trying to say similar things there too I would suppose. Iboga and aya are both different tools but to nearly the same answer just live as all is as it should be. I think you should try and rethink your disdain. Maybe you went in head first the wrong way. Again just saying...

Only one more thing to comment on just so its directly in the light. The experience report you quote mentions that the person is of younger age due to the graduating part. No kids this is not ha ha giggly mushrooms your thinking about taking. Iboga is much more than you bargain for sometimes. Next I must point out that one probably shouldn't still be taking there addiction drug right up to the point of taking the iboga. Probably not a good combo folks...yes its can treat addition but that doesn't mean mix them at the same time. Attempt to come off it awhile first is probably prudent. Dude in the report coulda mixed them but we don't really know...probably a bad thing to do.

Also keep in mind iboga can and has caused death crap. There's probably a point you reach that it does possibly more harm than good in the brain hence the fact it COULD KILL YOU! That being said I support iboga fully as I have done enough reading to know its for real. I know there's a safe range if your body is up for the challenge to meaning no people with heart of liver issues. Another blatant factoid for

I believe most people who seek iboga are generally aware that it can cause a massive shift of mind good or bad. Its not a common street drug not only due to its general rarity but because of its unique mode of action. Its not supposed to be fun...once your minds blown maybe this reality can become a bit mundane possibly don't you think? Once the minds gone through such possible massiveness so to speak that is... Some of us are not seekers of true reality and therefore should never ever take iboga because of that sole reason. LSD is profound but possibly likely to be fun therefore its relevance and prevalence as a street drug. I personally question that there's more of a motive behind your comment than a warning. Isn't it too profound that there isn't many posts like yours around...makes you wonder. Outta the norm...

Not trying to attack you but putting in my two cents for others to see another side. Glad your out to try and get people to truly think it through before doing such a thing as iboga. Just saying...

Eboka Talk / Re: How can I find a sitter?
« on: May 02, 2014, 06:45:24 PM »
I have not taken aya either but will pretty soon. I have smoked DMT freebase which DMT is the active ingredient in aya besides the maoi needed for its oral activation. Smoked DMT needs no maoi but if one is taken it will still massively increase the strength of a smoking DMT experience.

DMT IMO probably is more likely to be easy on you which iboga is not known for being easy on you. That being said DMT is not a light experience at all so definitely give it due respect as its beyond belief. DMT dwarfs the other traditional psychoactives by a long shot and hell LSD is quite an experience.

DMT could help you in many ways but iboga is probably more healing overall but I don't totally know. Sorry I cannot help you as I'm super far from Canada! Peace

Eboka Talk / Re: How can I find a sitter?
« on: May 02, 2014, 04:24:34 PM »
Tough question I don't know how to help. Since you have no friends and no experienced ones at that it seems you may be on your own unless you did the whole clinic thing but that's expensive. I'm not condoning going on the journey alone but if you must read as many reports as you can before go day. I know others have gone this alone but I'm really not one with good knowledge here as I've never even done iboga. I really really want to but in one of those uncool areas of the world laws wise. Wish you the best and hope someone better suited to help you chimes in for you! Peace

Eboka Cultivation / Re: introducing my iboga plants
« on: April 28, 2014, 08:45:33 PM »
Zone 9 so it really only gets cold a short while and not too cold at that. A few days below 40F but that's about it. I do love the plants already. Have since the seeds got here! Some sprouted in route from basically the other side of the globe.

I tried messaging a guy named yann on fb to try and find round pod seeds but no reply as of yet. All mine are long pod. Great little ones though and they came from a very nice guy whom is very legit. I don't know if I can mention his vendor name here. Good guy though I paid well in advance for them before they were ready. All I had to do was message him once after the time he said they should be ripe and then they were right on the way!

Maybe someday I'll have the happenstance to take iboga and I'll maybe become more in tune on their particular habits and likes. Mine are so many years off potential harvest and I'm not sure I'd like to hurt my personal babies either way. Just such an honor to actually have them in the first place. Feels so good to know I have a chance to rear such greatness!

Peace and thanks all for the comments!

General Discussion / Re: i think i hate my ego
« on: April 27, 2014, 09:44:08 PM »
Some serious deep stuff there Mo! Loved it! Somehow the words spoke to me even though I have never been where you obviously have been. One of those moments you feel as if your brain opened to a whole new realm or vibrational frequency! I love the seriously deep stuff that boggles the mind!

General Discussion / Re: i think i hate my ego
« on: April 27, 2014, 12:20:19 PM »
I feel too like I need to destroy my ego. As present as it is in my mind to know that certain things I think, do, or say are the ego being a judgemental asshole so to speak I have a hard time looking it aside. I know I should try to just be without judgement but like it was said above we are human. Its hard to be an intellectual and not usually have more disdain than those who aren't as much so. However the goal is to become so knowledgeable that one can tame the ego as much as possible. I'm still trying too don't feel bad...I'm quite a asshole inside my mind and sometimes outwardly as well. Just keep at it everyone is a work in progress some are just farther along than others

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