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Flooding / Re: Looking for Iboga treatment centre in Europe
« on: March 31, 2018, 07:02:50 AM »

You can try here

All the best


There is going to be the European Ibogaine Forum from 8th to 10th of September this Year in Vienna

European Ibogaine Forum

Hope to see some of you there    :D


Hi there

a little update:

I prescribed my Dad 25mg of TA a day every morning since a few days. From day one he cut down his smoking. He smokes pipe, from 3 to 4 pipes a day he cut down to 1 to 2 pipes a day.
I am quite impressed by this, he usually never wanted to cut down his tabacco consume..... he doesnt want to take a higher dose of iboga, so I try to keep him at 25mg a day. I keep you updated.

Thank you very much.

I am also a very big TA Fan, so I think I start with this.
So if anything happes I'll let you know.

Hi Folks,

I want to help my dad quit smoking. He has never ever done any drugs beside the legal ones. He needs a little helper to quit smoking.
Since he has absolutely no idea of psychedelics, I plan to dose him very low. Maybe about 10 to 25 mg of HCL a day? or better 20 to 50 mg of TA? or maybe 400 to 900mg of rootbark?
I think I prefer the TA.

Which dose might be the right for the perfect equilibruim of inhibiting the  nAChR-receptors and not feeling any too obvious effect?   

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