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Yes it helps Thanks .
To this day my best time off was low dose but looking back i should have continued low dose for a few weeks .

Im just thinking out loud and talking with my wife , having read the front cover of Times magazine article .

I just dont see the USA FDA allowing people to trip their brains out to get off opiates .
So in a way unless Nor Ibogaine becomes available - i kinda see a low dose  and a potentiating of the current dose as a way to bring ibogaine to more people and a way to introduce it as a safe and valid alternative  to methadone and suboxone.

Its still Ibo HCL and there for its a schedule 1 and i doubt  this changes - but if there were 100 documented trials where the patient quit opiates over a 2 week or even less time period without the blood pressure going up and down and the heart rate going so low and also the pure trip - which the US Gov  is somehow terrified of - then if we had 100 cases available for review then maybe thats a step in the door .
At the minumum getting it off the schedule one would be awesome for everybody involved .

So with that in  and my expierence  what does anyone have to say about the method ?

Everything i read is always using tincture which is mostly TA correct ? So in that case all the alkaloids are present .

This maybe the wrong place in this Forum so Admin move  but i cant find a place to post this and i cant find many to comment on this period .
Thanks again

That was hard to fit in the subject line .
But i think i got the gist -
 How could one use very pure HCL to help come off opiates when flooding is not an option .
I was thinking around 1/3 a gram everyday while tapering really low really fast .

This is for a low milligram habit - 60 mg of SAO opiates a day at the very very most .
This subject it talked about here and there but i can never find any real method that has been suggested or documented .
Befor answering keep in mind - i have done this and ive also done 3 floods .
I had much better luck with what im calling Low dosing to potentiate and thus lower to the point of jumping off virtually withdrawel free and pretty fast to .

Id really like to hear any and all ancedotal information of anything even slightly related to this .
Im trying to low dose people who are flat out terrified of tripping in any shape or form - and low dose them off pretty small habits .
I noticed that when i took 400 mg of ibogaine HCL in two seperate doses with 45 mins in between  - it made me have very mild ataxia and i layed down for 2 hours or so and even had some pretty deep intropection but i was very lucid and in control  . The feeling was introspective but not strong and the ataxia was so mild i could have kept working . But - with the introspection - where i kept thinking how bad drugs  are and all kinds of stuff ,  i was moved enough  , to not use any opiates  at all for  the rest of that day and i woke up feeling great , so i went for a long brutal hike . Already thinking id kick because i felt like i could and i planed on endorphin overload from hiking pain - The hike i use is hard .
I began withdrawing mildly  during the hike - not that i didnt expect that - i had a half a pill or 5 mg of oxycodone in my pocket and i took it - I felt really high where as befor it would have taken 20 mg at least to get that high - in fact i felt uncomforatably high - which again for me is very easy to do - i like a tiny buzz and thats it .

l wanted to get off opiates so i took 1/2 gram at once and it was way to much - i felt like crap that night and i barely made it out the next day .
Anyhow long story short i hiked alot and i took very low doses of opiates and quit all together in 12 days .

What id like to hear is anyone else that has done anything like this .
Or any thoughts - surely this has been done befor . Its kinda micro dosing but its using HCL which i have supply of and is very consistent in potency .
.20 a day just dose not seem like enough to keep people out of withdrawels and for some makes them worse as far as thier perception .
So does anyone have any comments on a 7 -15 day program that a moderate addict could use just to kick . Obviously they dont get a trip which they dont want anyhow .

What i might be asking is how much and how often can i dose a person to help them kick - using HCL

Any comments appreciated - i have asked this befor and all i got was - , dont do it just flood .
It worked on me but i had alot of pain and withdrawels and hellish hikes but it got me started - i saw an interview of a guy coming off a huge habit and he looked happy enough .
He had tried the test dose to flood and immedialty backed out so the provider improvised and in the interview he came clean .

So i want to learn more about an approach to opiate cessation using a bit more than just micro dosing and also using HCL - I want to use HCL because i can get it from a very reliable supplier in the place that much of it comes from .

Thanks for any help .

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