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The Muse / Re: Adam, Eve and Iboga (Interesting article)
« on: July 23, 2017, 12:19:40 PM »
Thanks for making the effort to put this on the forum Bancopuma. I found the text a really insight into this beautiful culture.



Suggestions & Comments / Re: Why is Eboka Dying?
« on: July 23, 2017, 11:47:38 AM »
Yeah I have noticed this.

If the site changed its name to Iboga rather than (search engine benefits) would it generate more views then.... more participation/dialogue I dont really know, I am just throwing it out there.



Eboka Talk / Re: Which method for my situation?
« on: February 12, 2017, 03:58:59 AM »
Hi Robin,

Not sure about Benzos.  I have only used them on a couple of occasions when desperate. They seemed to quieten the mind by increasing gaba but there is always a sacrifice and unbalancing effect on other receptor sites. for example if gaba or serotonin levels are increases then dopamine levels are reduced. Everything seems to be about balance.

Have you also looked into pre and probiotics yet. There seems to be a lot of research and evidence suggesting that gut microflora health plays a massive part in emotional wellbeing. Water and milk kefir seem pretty good as does cultured/fermented foods.

 Personally I think you have to careful with combining iboga with anything, its a powerful plant which works on multiple receptor sites and additional interferences might comprise your well being further.

Anxiety placed a large part in my addictive behaviour. I believe I was self medicating to change the anxious mind set.

Acceptance is a big help. Have you taken part in any mindfulness or pranayama sessions at all. They can be a great help.

I have an addictive nature. I'm ok with this. I just ensure that my addictions help rather than hinder my well being.  My current addictions are research and exercise.


Eboka Talk / Re: Which dosage for my situation?
« on: February 11, 2017, 03:08:24 PM »
Hi Robin,

My default setting seems to be similar to yours. In my experience I have sound that microdosing iboga has a stimulating effect and can enhance the anxiety I can sometimes feel in the background.

Flood doses are very effective but a flood can be an ordeal. Whilst iboga is a great teacher it comes at a price. A flood is hard on the body and is a long stretch. I came to iboga to help me break an addiction. The addiction had me on my knees spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically. Iboga has definitely helped me keep a distance from the destructive nature of the addictive mind.

As I said before anxiety seems to be part of my default setting. I can accept this and cope with it in comparison to the addiction as the mid range anxiety by comparison.

Bottom line is I wouldn't participate in flood again unless I was desperate. I love the spirit of iboga but its a hard teacher.

I like to take supplements to help with my anxiety. The amino acid NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) seems to quieter the brain down like an iboga flood dose does.

Iboga is also an NMDA receptor antagonistic. This also contributes to an anti anxiety effect. An alternative here would be Magnesium ( preferably as a spray as magnesium is not well absorbed )

All of the above ( iboga included) seem to quieter or reduce Glutamate levels. Seems glutamate is often a culprit where anxiety is concerned.

Wishing you the best in your quest for inner peace.


General Discussion / NAC and affinity to Iboga
« on: October 29, 2016, 04:45:39 AM »
Hi Friends,

Over the past six months i have been using the Amino Acid, N-acteyl cysteine (NAC). My experience tells me that i have come across a little gem that seems to replicate some of the benefits of Iboga

Here is my understanding of why i feel that Iboga and NAC have an affinity, Research also seems to support my conclusion, however this is my understanding so check it out for yourself, please dont take my word for it:-

Ok, a brief introduction into my psyche:-

Childhood:- I was a handful as a child and if "ADHD" was around in my day im sure i would be labelled accordingly.
Late teens: Struggled with depression. found buddhism and meditation but also found the party seen and discovered mind altering substances. Enjoyed XTC, not the depression that followed and of course found cocaine in the same circles.
Adulthood: 20/ early 30s developed a cocaine and alcohol habit. I clearly sought refuge from my default setting and used these substances to change the channel so to speak.
Adulthood: early 30s to present, gradually loosened my addictive tendencies to destructive substances and found Ayahuasca and iboga as key allies in my abstinence.
The plants have shown me a mirror into my consciousness and my reliance/support on them is less than it was. My last Iboga session shown me my shadow self and gave me a clear understanding of my psyche and shown me that i have to also do the work on my own.

So...I have sought wellbeing through exercise, meditation, yoga,eating a Sattvic diet and taking supplements.
I am learning to manage my mind. The difficulty lies in the busyness (if thats a word) and constant mental chatter and heres where i have found NAC to be a small revelation:-

Heres why:-

NAC- Increases GABA and Serotogenic receptors
       - Reduces Glutamate ( the excititory neurotransmitter)
       - Increases Glutathione levels ( Glutathione is the bodies very own powerful antioxidant )
       - Kills off unwanted gut parasite
       - Increases histamine levels ( can be a pain the arse for those susceptible )
       - Research suggests that it reduces craving for substances and repairs the nucleus accumbens and ventral tegmental area of the brain ( associated with the reward pathways        and addiction )

Iboga -  is also a glutamate antagonist ( buffers against activiting glutamate receptors)
          -  Kills of unwanted gut parasite
          -  Increases histamine levels as above
          -  has an affinity to GABA and Serotogenic receptors
          -  Increases Glutathione levels
          -  - Research suggests that it reduces craving for substances and repairs the nucleus accumbens and ventral tegmental area of the brain ( associated with the reward pathways and addiction

How has this helped me:-

I take NAC as and when needed. If my mind is very busy then i will take NAC.
More content. No desire or fight to use substances to alleviate restlessness
more focused
Quietens the mind
Aids meditation practice
good for immune system and health in general

Too much can make me sleepy, so i have altered my dose accordingly.  I have tried to use l-tyrosine when i got flat but that just made me restless.

Just thought i would share with you.

There is alot of research linking mental disorders to high glutamate activity!!! There is enough research on NAC so look it up :-)



Eboka Talk / Re: Help People Find Sitters
« on: June 06, 2016, 01:49:38 PM »
Hi Rhythm,

I think its a great idea. Is it possible that we can set up a sub section on the main board specifically for this?

If i can help in anyway let me know.



Flooding / Re: Are two floods better than one?
« on: June 04, 2016, 05:51:18 AM »
Hi all,

I have done 4 floods in the last 6 years and the last one, despite the dark psychological discomfort, has been the most healing. I think that Iboga "peels layers of the onion" and reveals our neurosis in chunks. Some of us may only have a little dysfunction whilst others may have some deep rooted trauma that requires alot of work.

My floods have always been prompted by my despair and prior to my first flood, i didnt feel like i was living and couldnt bear to be alive. Each flood has helped me to love and accept myself more and more. Be it ayahuasca or Iboga, the really work begins AFTER the ceremony.

I believe the plants sometimes leave us with a residue of the ills we have uprooted from our subsciousness and thats where the work is.

I think its worth looking at some form of therapy between floods.

Finally in answer to your question YES! however the ceremony itself is not the complete healer its the revealing and the work you put in afterwards that is.

PS. I have heard that it is not wise to do floods within quick succession of each other. Ive heard its best to wait until the Noribogaine has left the system. Its rumoured that this is 7-9 weeks.  Do your own research on that though as everything is always open to conflict.



Micro-Dosing / Re: Microdosing conflicting information
« on: June 04, 2016, 05:31:59 AM »
Hi Alexander L,

Really interesting post, especially the bit you mention about the glow at 350-700mg. I will also take a look at your microdosing schedule posts.

I really like Mucuna, my only concern is that if the Dopaminergic is flooded with dopamine will the receptor sites will stay down regulated thus preventing homestasis.

Again, i dont know if I am right here but would Mucuna and cocaine act in a similiar way on receptor sites ie down regulation.

Assuming Iboga helps Homeostasis would Mucuna get in the way of this healing process.

Im still trying to get some clarity on up regulation and down regulation of receptor sites and I think its a subject that is worth pondering and investigating.

Heres a link i found explaining up and down regulation.

2. Down & Up Regulation

Down-regulation - when excessive numbers of transmitter molecules are available to the receptor over a period of time, a decrease in the receptor sites can be counted. This is called down-regulation. It accounts for tolerance e.g., when heroine consistently occupies opiod binding sites. The desensitized post-synaptic neuron will not respond to average amounts of heroine, but increased amounts are required to obtain and opiod effect. This in turn induces greater levels of tolerance.

Up-regulation - the reverse occurs when decreased number of transmitter molecules are available  at post-synaptic receptors. This leads to up-regulation with increased number of sensitized receptors. Such a condition would occur during a receptor blockade. e.g., the anti-psychotic medication thorazine bocks the dopamine receptor inducing up-regulation. As a result, additional dopamine receptors appear on the post-synaptic membrane. At this point the post-synaptic neuron is hypersensitive, and if the blockade is ended, even average amounts of dopamine can cause the movement disorder: Tardive Dyskinesia. This condition may be treated by administration of dopamine agonists or by reestablishing the dopamine blockade.


My initial understanding of up and down regulation is incorrect. I always thought that receptor sites would increase to cope with a flood of dopamine/ serotonin etc. It made sense to me that when the dopamine/serotonin stores were back to their normal levels, basic stimulus such as sex,food,exercise etc wouldnt fill the gaps in the (upregulated) receptor sites and thats where drink/drug seeking behaviour/addiction occurs as it is the only thing that (through flooding) fills all the gaps (satisfies) in the receptor sites.

I know I am wrong in my initial thoughts but its seems logical. I am not arrogant enough to believe I am right. I am clearly wrong but my theory ( in my limited understanding) seems logical and correct.

What do you all think? Can you shed some more light on this.



Micro-Dosing / Re: Microdosing conflicting information
« on: June 03, 2016, 07:05:25 AM »
Thanks Rhythmspring. Interesting thoughts to ponder over.

I found an old post by miss demeanor expressing the same issues i have been experiencing and its transpires that the apathy, restlessness etc is due to a reduction in dopamine. Iboga has a stronger affinity to Serotonin than it does with dopamine and as serotonin levels are increased, dopamine levels are reduced. Miss demeanor used Mucuna (HIGH IN L DOPA)  to rebalance brain chemistry. Outcome was positive!

I have some Mucuna with me. Im going to try it over the next week and will report the results.

Peace and love


Micro-Dosing / Re: Microdosing conflicting information
« on: June 02, 2016, 02:08:43 PM »
Hi ddraig,

I noticed the crash from day two/three really. There is a really apathy and lack of motivation when the Iboga wheres off and that reminds me of dopamine deficiency/ depletion.



Micro-Dosing / Microdosing conflicting information
« on: June 02, 2016, 08:34:07 AM »
Hi all,

Im not neuroscientist so please excuse my ignorance if I have missed something here.

Im on week 2 on a microdosing schedule and have some thoughs I would like feedback on.

I take approx 20mg of rootbark sublingually everything morning and spend a few minutes looking into the mirror and repeating (aloud) my intent/affirmations.

Within a few minutes I notice a clearing in my headspace and I feel focused and proactive. However, the positive Iboga seems to wear off after approx 6 hours and I fell a comedown effect with typical effects being a slight anger, irritability and restlessness. Iboga in small doses is stimulating and it makes perfect sense that I get these effects as it wears off. From this point of view it seems a little like the crash from caffeine.

I have also noticed a real tiredness and exhaustion too. All this indicates to me that it is stimulating my dopamine/norepinephrine system. What concerns me is that whilst microdosing Iboga can have these wonderful effects on brain chemistry and craving etc, is there also a consequence of daily microdosing ie Adrenal fatigue etc. In which case the microdosing schedule can actually be counter productive.

The conflict for me is that if Iboga is supposed to repair receptor sites etc then the crash from microdosing would suggest otherwise.

I have asked myself whether its just me that has these effects but it appears several other people find this is also the case.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Flooding / Re: How long to wait between two floods?
« on: May 16, 2016, 05:39:28 AM »
Hi Rhythmspring,

Am i right in thinking that you are saying that because it was a smaller flood dose?

I have heard that for full floods ie 4g of TA or 40grams of rootbark it can be dangerous and flood doses should be kept a few months apart at least.



Micro-Dosing / Re: Magnesium and NMDA Receptors
« on: February 11, 2016, 11:48:32 AM »
Hey bro,

I went to a place in my home city called float beyond. They used an I-sopod tank. Its a very strange experience. You feel like your suspended in midair, no sense of the body, sight or sound. My heart beat was amplified. At first, the mind cries out for stimulation but then there is this overwhelming sense of peace and quiet and then colours and animations like a lava lamp begin to form. Joe Rogan is a big advocate of float tanks. He eats cannabis before entering the tanks. Brave man lol.

I would recommend it to anyone :-)


Micro-Dosing / Re: Magnesium and NMDA Receptors
« on: February 11, 2016, 09:02:15 AM »
Hi Bancopma,

Good to hear from you bro. Yes, I have had a few experiences in a float tank and I must admit Ive felt lighter than air afterwards. The sessions in the tank also brings on open eye visuals. Its a really interesting experience.



Micro-Dosing / Magnesium and NMDA Receptors
« on: February 10, 2016, 11:38:53 AM »
Hi all,

Heres a little discovery I recently found. Magnesium works as an NMDA receptor antagonist like our friend Iboga. Magnesium binds to the receptor site and acts as a buffer against the stress response, meaning that it makes someone who is prone to stress and anxiety a little more resistant. Magnesium regulates over 300 biochemical reactions through their role as enzyme co factors. As a whole our species is severely lacking in magnesium. Western diet and low quality soil means we dont get the quota we once did. Dairy seems to play a big role as Calcium reduces Magnesium. The stress response also plays a part and it is thought in some circles that Magnesium is deliberately used/lost when we come across a fight/flight situation, the loss of magnesium heightens the fight/flight response so we react quicker. The problem we have here is that with the pressures of modern life our fight/flight response is constantly being pressed and we have no sufficient methods of replacing the magnesium to rebuild the buffer, which in turn means Chronic anxiety/stress/depression and adrenal fatigue.

There are a number of types of Magnesium that are available. The most used tend to be Magnesium Aspartate and Citrate. They have a nice calming effect on the system. Magnesium oxide is to be avoided as its not well absorbed by the body

Take care not to take Magnesium with Dairy as it seems to lose some of its magic.

The seems to be a number of research papers that are suggesting that the NMDA receptors play a primary role in mental well being and the next generation of antidepressants could be based on this research.  Interestingly enough Ketamine also works on the NMDA Receptors and is being used as an effective antidepressant. The Caapi vine in ayahuasca and its Harmala alkaloids also work on the NMDA receptors.

Peace and Love,


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