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General Discussion / Just a little question about heroin abuse..
« on: December 07, 2011, 11:52:10 AM »
I just wonder how long the abstinens last when you quit? I couldnt find any info about it...

Eboka Talk / oh no...
« on: November 09, 2011, 06:03:24 AM »
I was just about to finally order some powdered root bark, but doesnt ship to Norway  :( what to do? Do anyone know a store that does?? On the other stores I know about they only have ibogaine, but I want natural root bark and powdered... please help me!!!  :)


So I guess thats the clue why I cant quit eating milkproducts, even though I really want to...  ??? 

Introductions / Hi:-)
« on: June 28, 2011, 12:27:03 PM »
I am soo very glad I found this forum, this is really really amazing!! Thank you for accepting my request to join ;D

I heard about iboga for the first time when I was on holiday in Australia a few months ago, and I was supposed to join a ceremony, but sadly it got cancelled.. But now my time to get initiated in the iboga space is finally getting closer!!  ;D In the middle of july I am mooving back to the town I am studying in, and will then have a few weeks were I have the chance to be by myself...

The main reason I want to do iboga is for healing and detoxing, both physically and spiritually. I feel this will help me so much in my growt in many ways. And it will also help me prepare for my first ayahuasca ceremony, that I am joining in the middle of august.
Well, I have even more questions now than before I started to educate myself about iboga..hehe..  First of all, what is the right dosage? I am a 24 year old girl, 177 cm tall and 63kilo, generally healthy, but only one and a half kidney(but the doctor say I have good kidney function anyway) So, what would you recomend you think?? I have been thinking about the powdered rootbark from maya, maybe 10 gram? Swollowed down with water?? Or what kind of iboga would you recommend for me?????
Do you think it is best to have some days with small doses first, or can I just take it all in one go? I think this will only be a one time event for me, at lest for now, so I really want it to work proparly…  :D

I dont have anyone to be a sitter, but I have a close friend who wants to do it too, after I told her about it. She have been suffering from anxiety for many years, and have had drug problems, depression and eating disorder. The last year she have tried to kill herself several times, by overdosing on precription pills. Now she is reallly addicted to a lot of pills from her doctor, and I think they are only making her worse, especially the atideppresiva pills. She wants to get rid of her addictions, and I was thinking iboga could help her. What dosage would you recomend for her?? She is around 165 and 60 kilos. She might be a little week now, and her liver might be quite damaged after all her pill-eating. The last weeks I know she have been taking a whole pack of travelsickness pills to get high, many times. Do you think it can be a too big risk to give it to her? I dont want her to die of course.. About that, how common is it really to die from it?? How should we do it, if we sit for eachother. How much time between me and her taking it? Who should go first you think?

Okey, I will let it be with theese questions for now  ;)  thank you for reading, and all answers and advices are recived with biiig gratitude. :D

Love, light and happiness to all of you<3

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