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I am searching for a reliable WORMWOOD source...and also in need of GREEN black walnut hulls...I am in progress of anti-parasitic fasting etc...and Looking for reliable organic sources...walnut is not is season here...

General Discussion / Cervical Cancer Treatment ?
« on: February 02, 2012, 10:01:55 AM »
I am new here and lead a relatively "normal" average family life with two kids and husband.  I am fighting issues pertaining to Cervical Cancer, and I am awaiting another Biopsy.  I am considering flooding.  I have had past experiences with plants like  psilocybin but that ways many, many years ago.  I have to have a hysterectomy regardless of the biopsy results but the extent of surgery and treatment options may change if they find cancer.  I already had my cervix removed last year.  I am wondering if I should do this Before or After surgery.  I have a history of Opiate dependency and I am afraid they will not be able to get me comfortable. It may not even  be an option to do it before because it looks like it may have to be very soon.  And it I have to have chemo or radiation would I even be able to?  Just throwing it out there to see what suggestions you have....

Introductions / Hi I'm Skyward (Cal's Sister )
« on: December 29, 2011, 10:58:21 AM »
Hello Friends,
M name is 'Skyward'. I am the proud sister of Cal . I want to introduce myself;
I am an Organic gardener,all around tree hugger, and advocate for natural Healing and Privacy.
I am a mother, wife, and Business Owner (in the Art field).  I belong to some great National Volunteer/community Organizations, and Parent/Teacher boards.
I have the world's most amazing two boys, and my youngest has suffered Pulmonary (lung)  Issues his entire life.  I always try to find Natural healing alternatives (although I think the word 'Alternatives' really should be given to pharmaceuticals - I think it's backward).  I have disobeyed many doctors as I advocate for my families health, and I will continue to fight for him. 
I am no stranger to Plant teachers, and I advocate Natural Healing in any case.   I do not believe in western medicine for the most part, and believe that my Creator has blessed Mother Nature with everything we need to live happy fruitful lives.
I am so Proud of my Brother and this forum is very impressive thus far. I look forward to exploring more. Nice to meet you....

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