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General Discussion / Not feeling anything yet
« on: April 24, 2013, 01:26:58 AM »
I started my flood around midnight and have about consumed almost a gram hcl and a gram ta and I dont have tracers yet, No buzzing, I dont feel anything. Im starting to worry cause if this dont work im fucked. I still have 2 more grams ta but was told I would not need it untill after my treatment for boosters. This is dumb question I know at the moment but is there any body that did not get quality from IW?

I always thought HCL is fast and I should of felt it in the first half hour atleast. It was a test dose of 150 mg
Who knows maybe this will kick the shit out of me and Ill check back here tomorrow.

Announcements, News & Events / BBC Psychedelic Science Doc
« on: April 19, 2013, 05:19:22 PM »

BBC Horizon: Psychedelic Science - (DMT, LSD, Ibogaine)

Real old but shows us that we have come along way

General Discussion / microdosing rectally
« on: April 11, 2013, 01:01:31 AM »
I can not hold evan one 300 mg RB cap down with out puking it up over night, maybe I should try it in the morning instead but heres what Ive been doing, My iboga came about a weak late and I had to jump on the clinic cause I couldnt handle day 3 :-\
So I joined the M clinic and they shot me up to 70 mgs within a week and then when I got my TA, HCL,& RB I told them I wanted to start coming down. they went through the roof and I got in a arguement with the dr, long story short is. im finnaly MSW (medicaly supervised withdrawal) and in the past 2 weaks I went from 70 mgs to 55.  the first weak I went 5 mgs and then on week 2 I chose 10 mg more to decrease to 55 and will hopefully keep decreasing 10 every weak if I can handel it. I started with 300 mg RB the first day by doing 300 mg rectaly and each day I have worked my way up to 900 mg and I administer them at night with a shot of warm water to melt the gel caps.
I guess my question is, will this method or will the RB alkaloids be absorbed the same as if I ate them?
So far I have not felt any effects nor am I looking for, I just want to get low on the meth so I can switch to a SAO (dilauded 8 mg)
I feel fine from the decrease so far also and will continue to go down 10 mgs a week till I feel I can walk off and switch to the dillies.   As much research as I have done with methods of administration, I hope some one can help me with some answers.
When I flood I will be taking 1 grm HCL and 1 grm TA, also have 2 grams of TA for boosters after treatment plus I have like 60 grms IWRB to take as suplemments for the NOR
when I walk off the progrm im wondering how many dilaudeds 8 ( I know I can break them in half) I will need to make it to a 2 week minimum off the methadone. Also with tht being said, with my weight being 135 lbs and IW recomendation of 1 grm hcl and 1 grm ta, Mind you, Michelle hadent made her decision based apon me useing methadone, i had to resort to methadone cause it was bad timing but my opiate intake was dilaudeds roxies BTH and MS contin. Thank you and sorry if this reads like crap.

General Discussion / I am dangerous with Love on you tube
« on: March 11, 2013, 06:28:44 PM »
This has the video up in 6 seperate pieces. Ive been waiting to see this for some time now.

General Discussion / politicians & Ibogaine
« on: February 24, 2013, 01:18:07 PM »
This video bothers me!!   Whats your take on it?
I think the guy doing all the talking needs to do Ibogaine to get a better understanding and not be like , Oh dude your camera is melting.  This guy pisses me off. He should of used some other kind of drug like crack or speed which im sure those are the real drugs the politicians are really useing :P

Egokiller, one thing I still don't understand. You took .5g HCL and 2g TA on the third day. The first day is when you stopped opiates or did you flood on day one?   Asked by  dusttrust

My Overdose,I was asked to elaborate more on this at request so everyone knows.....................................................................
The very importance of %100 NEEDING a sitter

 Before I start, My opiate intake was    200 to 300 mg ms Contin or 300 mg of Roxicodone a day, currently it is   :( >:((Ms contin 200 mgs a day) >:( :(
I used for 10 years and and knew all about Iboga so I wanted to kill my addiction so I went ahead and got Iboga and waited too long before I took it and the 700 mgs HCL had lost its strength, probably cause I stored it incorrectly or something. The HCL was 1 1/2 year old but the TA I had was fresh. So second day my sitter met up with my hook up and got 700 mg more fresh HCL and 20 grms RB for boosters. After ingesting the 700 mgs when sitter arrived back, I could feel the fizz, This was Saturday afternoon. Everything after that is a huge dream that I vividly remember all to well   I have storys for days. Oh SO VIVID
Sunday I was found in a pile of puke shit and piss. 911 had to be called and I was put on the stretcher naked and brought to hospital   
   I had taken my last opiate Thursday night(roxicodone 15 mgs) and started the treatment Friday morning @ 11 am  overdosed Saturday early morning, Came to Monday night/Tuesday morning and was held (Baker Acted) against my will at hospital but got released Thursday around 4 pm..
        After I was released I had to call my hook up and talk about what happened and how worried and scared he was. He had told my sitter to flush the RB and to delete ALL my messages prior to dialing 911 so I had to purchase more RB .
 I was clean for once in my life but only lasted not even 2 weeks. The week in the hospital which I was amazed that I wasnt sick and I had no way of getting anything anyways, I had told the Dr's that I took a drug to get off of drugs and they just thought I was crazy cause of the shape they seen me in, speaking in Tounges I was. They thought I was schizo and gave me I took that hopeing I would get some sleep cause I knew I wasnt going anywhere any time soon.
  So apon my release It took me about 1 week before I was back useing  After going through all of that and almost dieing I felt like I had really let down the ones who really wanted me to get well, What can I say, Florida is the pill mill Capitol now moving to Kentucky and Georgia or just staying here in FL but changing the name from Pain Management clinic to Weight Loss clinic. It dosent matter any ways, you cant get any mg of roxicodone, and now Dilaudid, The medication the Dr's are now switching people to is on the list of shortage/backorder/, or oh we dont carry that.
 Fast forward 1 year. I took 20 grams RB the day before this past New years and puked on the last 5 grams. I had a total of 20 grams but puked after an hour but re dosed 5 grams more & managed to keep that in. I should have had a whole extra 20 grams in (00) size capsules ready in caps.   My guy said I got about %50 detox and freely gave me 40 more grams RB. This person is very dear to me with his Generosity he has towards me. Im getting ready here to do another treatment, this time the bark will be taken over a longer time frame than 1 hour and I will have an extra 33 grams on top of the 20 I will take on hand so I expect a full detox.
Has anybody used just RB before with success?   HCL is to much $ for me at the moment.:(     

Any other questions feel free to ask about anything. Remember, I had asked a question in this post which was  (Has anybody used just RB before with success? )
                                                                                          Be Well  8) Brothers & Sisters :-*

General Discussion / Nausa\promethazine
« on: December 11, 2012, 04:38:40 PM »
Am getting ready for a flood here in the next weak or 2. My question is about the nasua, I know at the clinics and facilities they give compazine from what I hear, I was wondering if 50 MG tablets of Promethazine would have any adverse affects with a flood with 20 grm rootbark.   Promethazine is a antinausa medicine and also supresses the gag reflex in the throat thus making it hard to puke. And  is alo usd in kemo therapy when used in conjunction with other meds that may make you nausa.
Any information would help. Thanks guys

General Discussion / iboga root bark
« on: March 01, 2012, 01:14:06 AM »
   Does any one know the leagalityies of Iboga rootbark?
I opened my mouth to a vendor that has a capsule machine that I need and said I need it to make Ibogaine rootbark capsules to keep noribogain coarsing through my system and he wrote back he can not sell it to me untill he gets confirmation that im at a legal facility and I cant make iboga rootbark capsules with a machine he sells, below is the email in its entirety. I was under the impression that iboga root bark was legal and the HCL was illegal, can some one help me or what should I do? Is root bark illegal??

Hey Jay , I am writing you in response to your last email before I send your order out.  I am very happy for you and your accomplishments!  Did you leave the country or take your therapy at a certified clinic?  If I recall correctly Iboga is a scheduled herb in the USA, and if you are taking it, particularly using capsules you obtained from me inside the US, then I cannot sell you the caps.  Granted, I am sure this is just a piece of information you forgot to include, because breaking the law is something neither you or I want to do, nor something I can do if I want to run a legitimate business.  That being said, I can send out your order as soon as I receive confirmation that you will be taking the Iboga in a country that allows one to do so legally.  If you would like to order some additional herbs I can go ahead and include them in the package.  For restlessness of the kind you are experiencing, I think herbs such as kava kava root would be ideal.  Rhodiola rosea is excellent as well.  These are the two I think would work the best but there are plenty of other options too, depending on your goal.  I hope you can understand my reasoning behind this message and do realize that there are certain protocols to follow for business to conduct smoothly.  Thank you and have a good day, and I am indeed happy for your accomplishments.

- Vendor

Quoting jaso <>:

>    Thank you again for another swift business transaction, I did the Ibogaine treatment I was talking about here at a friends house and had a slight over dose on the 3rd day and ended up in the hospital but for all it was worth I am for once in 6 years opiate free & clean with NO withdrawl symptoms, no cold sweats,hot flashes, or cravings, I evan quit smoking cigerates. My opiate receptors were reset, kinda like pressing control alt delete on my brain.. Very interesting plant that Iboga is.  And that is why I baught the encapsule machine, is to make my own caps of iboga rootbark to keep small amounts built up in my system, It wont end me in the hospital cause the iboga I origanly took that ended me up there was a flood(heavy)dose, It was HCL, Now Ill be taking just the root bark which is a much lighter version of the HCL.   I just want to thank you and if you can tell me of some good mood enhancers or recomend me anything that would be great,
>  my main thing is now I need to get off the benzos but I need to ween down, I cant directly stop cause ill get siezures.
> I feel like a new person, almost reborn, Im moving out of my dump of an apartment. When I went there the other day to start gathering things I couldnt believe I was living the way I was, It was sad, almost like I had giving up on my self.  Ibogaine saved my life!!!   (      And thank you again for another smooth transaction. wish me luck in my new life:)     I will be in touch in the future cause you are a 110% great vendor and I like doing buisness with you, you answer ever email within 2 hours and your shipments are always just about 2 days cause you are based in almost the center of the USA.
> KUDOS 2   lol;)   
>                                  Thank you,  Ja

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