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Flooding / Looking for Iboga treatment centre in Europe
« on: March 25, 2018, 09:54:17 AM »
Hello everyone ,

Can anyone recommend a good, safe place to flood in Europe? It's not for drug addiction. I heard about Sara Glatt  in Holland a few years back but I think she deals with drug addiction mainly, if I am not mistaken. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

General Discussion / Iboga and weight loss
« on: May 09, 2015, 07:35:04 AM »
Hi everyone

I've microdosed on and off for the past year or so and I've lost about 5-6 kilos which is a lot for me as I'm already slim.  I take Iboga for anxiety and depression instead of anti-depressants and it's really helped me a lot.  Is anyone else affected by weight loss though and is there a way around this?
Is there anything else I could take that would help me to deal with anxiety and depression that doesn't affect me so much physically?
To be honest, I think I've become quite dependant on Iboga and if I don't take it for a few days then my anxiety returns.  I also want to do Aya ceremonies but would like to stop taking Iboga for at least a month before which seems quite difficult for me to do.

I want to see if I can start lifting weights at gym soon to see if I can put on more muscle even while I am microdosing.  I will let you know if it works :)

General Discussion / Postal strikes in SA/Iboga World delays
« on: September 29, 2014, 08:04:12 AM »
Hello everyone :)

I ordered some Root Bark 2 weeks ago and, after the original confirmation message that it had been dispatched, I then received an email a few days ago that read, "We regret to inform you that a strike has started therefore delay is unfortunately expected to happen.
We apologize for the inconvenience

I spoke to relative in South Africa who says that the strike had actually been going on for a while and he is not sure when normal service will be resumed.

Has anyone ordered from IWorld in the past few weeks?  Or has anyone else been affected by this?


Eboka Journals / No visions-Looking for advice
« on: October 08, 2013, 01:59:49 PM »
Hi everyone

I took 3 gr of TA almost 2 months ago. At the beginning of the year, I ordered 4 gr and took it in 3 parts over a few months just to get a feel for the plant. 

Anyway, I didn't eat anything since the night before and only had one small smoothie in the morning.  I took the full 3 grams at 4 in the afternoon with the curtains closed in the space of 30 mins.  Then, I just lay back and listened to Bwiti music for a while.  At about 10 that night I just started to vomit so much.  I counted at least ten times in quick succession which was strange because I hadn't eaten anything since the day before.  After that I still didn't have any visions. 

Even when I took doses of 1 gr at the beginning of the year, I always vomit after 5-6 hours.  I've never had visions on Iboga.  Is it just not for me, or what?  I heard such good things about it and I felt that there was great potential. 

I'm so disappointed because I went through so much (especially physically) and I didn't get the insights and understanding and closure that I was looking for.

What did I do wrong and should I ever try it again?

I look forward to your views.


TS :)

General Discussion / What form of Iboga?/ music?
« on: June 18, 2012, 09:08:36 AM »
Hi everyone :)

I saw on a website about 4 different options when ordering Iboga (eg. Rootbark, tincture, powdered....).  I was just wondering what the best one was to order.  So far, I've read that rootbark is the hardest to ingest but I'm not sure....If someone can let me know or direct me to the link where I can find out, it would be great.  Also, is it good to play a music cd while you are flooding?

 I have a lot of reading to do still so sorry if I seem lazy and ask questions that may have been asked a thousand times before.

Best Regards


Ps: I'm doing it for spiritual reasons.

Introductions / questions
« on: June 17, 2012, 01:15:39 PM »
Hello everyone

I've thought about posting for a while so here goes...
I heard about Iboga about 9 months ago when I was planning my first Ayahuasca journey and it still intrigues me.  I always hear about it being used to cure drug addiction but what are the benefits for people who don't have such "extreme" problems?  What if you just want to change your life and fulfill your potential and be a more well-rounded person?  I'm in my mid 30's and there are so many things I haven't done and don't do in my everyday life that "normal" people do.  I suppose you could say that I've lived an "impoverished" lifestyle in that I've always been repressed and been a bit of a recluse...even though I feel I can be so much more!
Ayahuasca is an amazing medicine but it's so seldom that I have the chance to journey...and I feel that I'm being called to take Iboga as well (it keeps coming into my mind time after time).  Also someone recommended that I should take it.

I also read that people feel tired and have no energy for a few months after a flood dose and I was wondering if this is only the case with heroin addicts or does it have that effect on everyone? 

Sorry for such a long post but any info and advice would be appreciated :)

Thank you,


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