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Eboka Journals / Can this be?
« on: August 09, 2012, 05:05:21 PM »
I wanted to try a small dose of ibogaine, and ingested 4 grams of root bark. And ended up flooding as if I had had a full flood dose. I expected nothing but minor distortion of sight and maybe a bit of a headache, but ended up having an even better spiritual journey than on my 3 grams of IW TA.

The ataxia wasn't too bad this time, I could get to the toilet on my own, and I had no nausea like last time, but I had even clearer visions and they lasted for 22 hours. The depersonalization was horror like last time, ofc, but with more physical (and mental) control, I experienced less anxiety, and could enjoy myself and the world more, and the dark side of Ibogaine was not as present as last time (when I bad tripped for 25 hours). I will do it this way again later, too, no doubt. I seriously learned so much I can't believe it.

Peace and love.

Introductions / Hi there!
« on: July 09, 2012, 02:54:22 PM »
I'm Norwegian, and first heard about Ibogaine from a friend in January 2011, when I was severely confused/unhappy with life, and finally found and did 3 g of Ibogaine TA (I'm 60 kg) in December 2011. I did it at home, with a friend as my sitter, and had - what I assume was - a rather rough first experience, as I bad tripped for about 12 hours before the trip turned lighter. I still had awesome insights and most of the bad effects were solved during the next 12-13 hours that the hallucinations lasted.

I remember reading that:
Quote from: wikipedia
The subjective experience of ibogaine is often divided into two phases: a vivid dreamlike hallucinogenic visual phase and an introspective phase (ostensibly the comedown).

I'd swear there were more phases, though:

phase 1: 12 hours - hallucinations and some sort of splitting of the mind - pretty rough/dark
phase 2: 12 hours - hallucinations and euphoria - pretty much fun (i talked with my salad)
phase 3: 20 hours - introspection
phase 4: 24 hours - depression
phase 5: 4 days - afterglow
phase 6: 3 months - some sort of one-mindedness (anti-depressant) that seemed to tune out one part of my brain (for better and worse)

During the first phase I could pretty much not do much but hang on.
During the second phase, I made drawings of what I had experienced in phase 1 + what I was still experiencing (I couldn 't really see what I was drawing for all the hallucination patterns on my sheet, but I drew the best I could)
During the third phase, I suddenly started understanding how the psyche and words reflect each other. I could vividly understand how everything people say impact them and me, and I normally don't see such things at all. I wrote a lot of pages about what I suddenly understood.
During the depression day, I just felt empty and longed for the awesome third phase, when the world and people were so open to me.
During the fifth phase, I reorganized my life, and established healthier patterns.
During the 6th phase, I started new projects and kept going.

After the 6th phase, I am thinking that the one-mindedness of that phase was both good and bad. Good cause of how I could focus and just keep going. Bad cause I didn't totally notice I wasn't my normal self until it slowly ended, and then I realized I could possibly have made some mistakes in judgement those months, cause of lacking half of myself, but I didn't really. I'll make sure to remind myself of this if I do ibogaine again.

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