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Eboka Talk / Happy to see the site back up!
« on: April 08, 2018, 04:07:05 PM »
It had been down for a quite a while, was hoping all of the great stories and data on here didn't get lost. Thanks to whoever brought it back.

Eboka Talk / Working with iboga now
« on: January 16, 2017, 08:30:54 AM »
Haven't been on here in a while so I thought I would give an update to all my iboga peeps.
When I first came on this board several years ago I was a lost person using drugs to mask it all.
Things have changed dramatically.
Things have been really good and iboga has taken me on the ultimate journey.
I went and got initiated into the Bwiti last December. That was certainly a once in a lifetime experience and really shed those final layers that had followed me around. The Bwiti is so  much a part of my life now. The Bwiti and iboga teach us lessons of how to live life and deal with all the human stuff that we all go through. Bwiti is really the study of life with using Iboga as our guide.
 Without those teachings and iboga I am not sure where I would be but it wouldn't be as good as it is now.
Also over the last year and a half I have trained to become an iboga Provider. Most of the training is working out your own stuff, the rest can be learned with practice.
The place I now work at is an iboga retreat and all based on the Bwiti tradition.
I won't be naming the place I am at on this thread out of respect to all, but you can pm me if for whatever reason you are interested.
Also my girl is pregnant now and we are expecting a child in April/May.
Just an update on how iboga has helped me. It can help you too if you want it.
Execute typos on a little tablet.

Compost Pile / Re: To Bwiti or not to Bwiti
« on: June 30, 2013, 06:17:34 PM »
Hello KP. Thanks for sharing.
I know you mentioned the RB side effect of head pressure from the RB. I think sometimes at Ebando they would use extract. I remember reading a sentence or two on the site about using some extract. I imagine Ebando would be the only ones that would accept TA during initiation since they have a western connection, other groups might not understand.

On your second comment about the sharing of the Bwiti took me some time to reply as I was trying to find some replies to your comments. I don't have any answers on why sharing if the Bwiti knowledge is not common.
I am thinking this could be due to everything needing to be experienced to know Bwiti, even the rituals. This is the only reason I can think of why the rituals are not known.
There is no written "rules" in Bwiti from what I understand, this could also be part of the reason. The knowledge needs to be passed from person to person.

I have not had as much contact with different Bwiti tribesman as you have.
Personally I have appreciated your knowledge from searching for much of the Bwiti knowledge. That knowledge from you has been passed down me and others.
Any ideas as to why they don't want to share the knowledge?

I also anticipate more traditions and religions sprouting up around Iboga, and other other plants medicines as well.
Thanks to the SD, UDV, Bwiti, Native N. American groups,etc. we are going in the right direction with regards to using sacraments correctly in a religious/traditional context.

I totally agree on the harvesting notes. From what I have heard sustainable harvesting of iboga includes throwing iboga fruit  as far into the forest as possible so that the shrub continues to propagate. Obviously this isn't enough for the long term as iboga continues to grow in popularity.

It seems there needs to be a huge amount of root cutting in order to get to the proper layer of rootbark and harvest it.
Any thoughts on how much RB a small shrub can produce? It can't be a ton, most of the shrubs are relatively small.
I hope there is some people growing Iboga secretly in the world and preparing for the day when wild harvested ib0ga is not sustainable.

I know we can get ibogaine hcl for the Vocanga species...I wonder if one could extract other Iboga ingredients (ibogamine, etc.) and mix them together to form a new blend...which has the main ingredients of Iboga as we know it. This doesn't depend on a very small part of the plant (root bark shavings) for medicine/sacramental purposes.

I am wanting to get my little tress growing asap, and then keep growing more trees once I understand how to grow them. I will keep planting and planting them.


I agree Ibark it would be wonderful to get a full Bwiti initiation in Africa !
 I have a complete respect for The Root & the Bwiti tradition as well.

I would love to as well but I have a major problem consuming too much RB.  Although Kambo cured my migraines 3 years ago, still to this day if I take even over one gram of RB I start to get too much head pressure.  I also get head pressure from extract but it is nothing like RB.  So what could I possibly do in Gabon when they will only give you RB?  I really have no interest in having extreme had pressure for a week or more and even worse my migraines would probably come back.  I wish the Bwiti were more flexible in allowing for extract.  If they were than I would bring them my extract to give to me rather than having to take 30-100gr of RB.  I have thought about it and really the risk of my migraines coming back is too high to be initiated with RB. 

I wish there was a place to learn some of the fundamental Bwiti rituals.

They are not very lending in that respect from my experience.  I wish they were more like the Santo Daime and open to sharing.  Honestly with there lack of sustainable planting and only harvesting Iboga part of me has grown a distaste for Bwiti.  I guess I don't know enough about it yet but I just can't see how they would be harvesting Iboga for all those years and not replanting and even at that from what I hear, it never so much as crossed their minds to replant. 

So how about a Church of Sustainable Iboga?  Focused on the sacramental act of growing Iboga for growing it's sake.  And using Iboga as a secondary ritual but the main activity and motivation to plant Iboga.  Maybe this would even the scale on how treatment centers AND the Bwiti have treated Tabernanthe.  One Frenchman Bwiti in Gabon Yann Guignon that is on FB (he's an a-hole so don't worry about contacting him) says that there are many varieties of Tabernanthe all with their own distinct qualities.  One being especially strong and that one is used for initiations.  But like I said he's an a-hole and doesn't want to share info.  So f-him for real and the rest of them, quite frankly they are selfish and there selfishness will bite them in the bud.  I foresee other Iboga religions sprouting up that are sustainable in practice and planting Iboga all over the equator.  Than Bwiti won't have such a monopoly. 

By the way we never hear about what the pygmies taught or teach about Iboga.  I guess I'm more interested in that anymore.  The Bwiti are starting to leave more and more of a bad taste for me.  So many branches of Bwiti I know but so far not looking all that good for me.

General Discussion / OK Kambo / KP I give...what does Kampum mean?
« on: June 23, 2013, 04:06:05 PM »
OK Kambo / KP I give...what does Kampum mean?
Tried a g00gle search and viewing your profile.
I though it could be kambo / aya / for the first 2 letters?

Hope you are well man!

Hey guys.
Hope you are all well.

I wanted to ask why when in a deep Ibo journey the theme of NWO, political greed/control is so prominent.
I know it a question we can't totally answer...but I find it very interesting that these messages are so very strong.
The scenes are exactly like many books, movies, etc. of political control/world domination.

I wonder if the plants knew this was coming well before the industrialized age?
Has anyone had some really specific insight into, the c0untries, le@ders or other groups that are the top perpetrators of these s3cret dealings?

Also, I imagine plants can change their message for whatever is most important at the time.
SO I imagine if we as a planet are healed in the future, the message would change to take us to the next level as humans.

Comments, questions and any input would be very much valued.

See you on the astral plane.

Hello all, I would like to play the M'congo
Could anyone help guide me in the materials or how to make one?

I really want to play that funky thing for fun and ceremonies.

All the light right atcha.


Eboka Talk / Hello, new here with a ?
« on: August 23, 2010, 01:48:37 PM »
Hello, I think I have read this whole forum so far.
It is a great community yo have here and I look forward to reporting in the future.

Here is my deal... I have 30g of powdered root bark.
I am leaving the country pretty soon and won't be able to acquire other Eboka in that time.
I want to make sure my root bark is good, so I can go into the experience confident.
Around how much could I take to feel it effects and know it is good, without going to far?

I know this is a broad question and there is a lot of variable.
I am about 165 pounds, and have extensive experience with psychedelics.

Thanks so much for your advice.

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